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It's a bits and pieces post tonight!
First cab off the rank:
Naming Day
We had such a wonderful day with all our family and friends, just a nice relaxing afternoon to celebrate my little prince's naming day. I have finally restored order and normality back to our household and my house is all clean once again! Harrison was such a good boy, even handed out a few smiles for the crowd! then slept for 8.5 hours for us that night!! What a star! considering he was held by so many people that day and had soooooo many photos taken i really thought he would have an unsettled night.
Long Weekend
LOVED IT!! Monday was a great family day, kids and hubby played board games, I scrapped a tin for a birthday party Diva has on wednesday(i'll post pics tomorrow!)
then we went out for dinner for another friends birthday! Unfortunately all good things must come to an end and hubby went back to work today, much to his disgust! It was freeeezing here this morning!
Floods and natural disasters :(
My heart has been so affected by the floods and disasters in newcastle and areas, it really is something that I dont think anyone can fathom to be honest. DH spoke to a lady in his company today that lives there and she said its like a war zone when you drive around, and very reminiscent of cyclone tracy. How truly devasting for those affected. One of the fellows that works within the company came home to find his house and car under water, and like so many others he has a family, 3 small children to be precise. Made me cry when DH told me this morning, so off I went to the shops to get some toys or pencils or something for this little ones. I couldn't bear the thought of them having nothing at all. They are in the process of trying to find temporary accomodation and I wanted to do something for the kids. The incredible feeling I feel at the moment, knowing that I could do something, even if it is only small, but something to bring a smile to those kids faces makes me feel fantastic.
No child, actually no adult should ever have this much sadness and devastation in their lives. It's not right. Now I'm not religious at all, but if you could all spare a thought and a prayer for everyone that this affects I would really appreciate it, and I know they would too.
I have a few projects on the go at the moment, layouts to catch up on most definately. But a few new things too, I'm planning on making my gorgeous nephew a rag quilt, now anyone that knows me, knows that I really am not the best sewer in the world, so god only knows how it's going to turn out, but hell it'll be piss funny watching the whole process unfold!
Anyway it's pic sharing time so I'll catch you all tomorrow.
Sweet dreams!


*Space Cadet* said...

Omg! I totally love that wild hair! So fun! The lil prince totally looks like his daddy! Love you much girl!

Lis said...

Gorgeous outfit and Harrison has so much hair he is adoreable (Harrison not his daddy lol)

Melanie said...

Those photos are beautiful.
Even if it felt like a small gesture to you, Im sure that it meant the world to the children and family.

Susan C said...

You know, if you make something for someone you love its always going to be perfect.

Having never been through a disaster I can't imagine what these people are going through. I think your gesture is lovely and will be well and truly appreciated.