Stop the bus...

I wanna get off!! I feel like I am going around and around in circles at the moment, my life feels crazy busy! between school, home, after school activities, weekend activities and all the parties my social butterflies get invited to, I feel like i havent' had time to breathe!
So will try and catch you all up to speed.
Lil Man
*walking flat out and in to everything
*starting to say more words
*completely loves music and loves to get his groove on!
*waits at the window for "daddeeeeeee" in the cutest way possible!

*just completed her first ever ballet exam, and she thinks she rocked it!
*is figuring out that girls can indeed be bitches and two faced :(
*completely loving Tap!
*seems to be forever going to birthday parties!

Wonder Boy
*cannot wait for this term to be over..he seems really tired of late
*has started the pre puberty mood swings...bring it boy..give me the best you got!LOL
*is still talking about how fabulous camp was
*thinks awesome is the best word ever invented and hence should be injected in to every conversation!

Hunk o Spunk
*is fairly buggered from work, too much to do not enough hours to do it in
*doesnt seem 100% lately..
*has hurt his back and no its not shaggers back...I wish LOL
*is building me new storage for my scrap room LOVE!

*tired, rundown but happy.
*beyond excited about my DT position
*on a baking frenzy atm, slices, fruit crumbles, you name it, I'm bakin it! LOL

Life is good right now! Crazy busy, complete madness but its good..Spunk and I just need to remember to stop and breathe and communicate more, but otherwise good.
Went and saw Sex & The City last night, was fantastic..everything I had hoped it would be and the some. I highly recommend you go see it, even if you werent a fan of the series you would still love the movie.

On another note...I know you are all going to call me insane but I dont really care!
I've started compiling my ideas and stuff for my christmas crafts, things I want to make, gift ideas, decoration ideas, off the page stuff!
yes I know...its only June, but well...I like to be organised LOL

Here's a couple of layouts I've done recently.

Talk soon!
Love T.

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