Wow..(beware of excessive use of images!!)

It's been a little while since I swung by here!! hope someone actually still reads this!!! So what's been happening in our world...a lot actually! We moved house...that was a bit chaotic, then 5 days later went on a holiday, took the kids to QLD but decided we would drive so we could stop in Sydney, Coffs Harbour, etc on the way up! Had the most amazing holiday, we so needed the family time that came with that holiday. Leading up to the holidays we had been so incredibly busy and had so much going on that by the time it rolled around, I was counting the minutes till I could just be with them.. Here's a couple of snapshots...I'll spare you the 600+ photos I took!!!!!
just a couple of shots ;) I'm trying to start scrapping them! So we jam packed as much as we could in to the holidays, with the kids declaring this was the best ever holiday! Success!!! Arrived home late on the Saturday night, more like 1.30am on the sunday! then on the Monday headed off for a week of camping with two of my favourite peeps in the world...I adore these girls..I'd be completely lost without them! It rained, it was cold, the sun came out, but god we had a good time!!!
so there's an insight in to our little trips away!!! I've been on the scrapping hop since I got back! My time at Creative Scrappers has come to an end, time to move aside and let someone else have a turn! I loved being on the Creative Scrappers team, they have awesome sketches, which are soooo good when your mojo has vacated the building!! Here's a couple of layouts I haven't shared yet!
and last but not least a little sneeky peek of a layout ;)
Thanks for stopping by! See you soon!!


Amy Lynne said...

I love your photos, and the layouts are fantastic! I really enjoy your style, beautiful! :)

madscrappertoo said...

Your work is funky!! Love it!! :)