Well here we go!

Well, I've finally done it! I've created a BLOG!! Thanks to the link from Dawn.
I'm not sure how much of this everyone will find interesting! But hey at the very outside you get a look in to my chaotic lifestyle!
Hence the name of my Blog-"My Pandemonium"
Its funny how busy life can get, somedays just whizz by and then others you really need to stop yourself to actually enjoy the moment.
I'm heading up to my 30th birthday at the end of this year, and you know I kinda forgot that I was getting that old!! I mean I knew how old I was but then one day I sat back and thought, gee its really coming, I'm really going to be 30!!! (Mind you I had to have a few red wines to calm the nerves about it all!!) but then I figured I would just ride it, and so now I'm actually looking forward to turning 30!
Everyone keeps telling my that it only gets better from here on in, and if it does I'm in for one hell of a ride! Because even when you take out some of the crap thats gone on in my life, its already been absolutely fantastic!!
So there you have it, my first blog entry not terribly exciting but hey this is me wrinkles and all!!


Cosmo Girl said...

30's are a breeze - you're going to LOVE them! Congrats on the new blog - I've recently started one also & it has been fun, even though I don't think anyone reads it! I'll put yours in my "favorites" and check back in.

Tam said...

Thanks cosmo girl, I'll be sure and have a look at yours as well!