Mum, you crack me up!

You know, I have just had one of those days, the alarm went off and I rolled over and hit the snooze button which can be a common occurance most mornings!! Well when I did wake up again I realised that the time was 7.45am not 6.45am which is when i should be dragging my butt out of bed. But I had a late night last night and should have been asleep a hell of a lot earlier that I was! LOL! Bearing in mind we need to leave the house by 8.40am!! So here I am running around like a mad woman, shouting out directions like a captain of a ship when my darling little boy starts laughing and cannot seem to stop! My madness comes to a screeching halt to ask him what is so damn funny when we are running late, and all he can respond in between fits of giggles is "Mum you crack me up!" "Your running really fast, kinda like road runner on the cartoons"
Well that was it, I dissolved in to giggles as well, then we were joined by my daughter who just thinks her big brother is the funniest thing in her life! Never mind she had no idea why we were laughing!
But we still managed to get lunches made, uniforms on, breakfast, teeth, hair etc done and be out the door by 8.43am, and I even managed to get the beds all made!!
My son then says to me in the car, "Mum your kinda like Wonder woman too" "She's really cool!" Talk about make a woman feel good about herself!
I guess I am a bit like Wonder woman in a way!! I guess all mothers are, we have so much to deal with and get organised, yet we somehow manage to do it. It's almost like its inbuilt in us, like our destiny to just know how to be a mother. Not saying that I'm perfect at it but thats ok too, I like that somedays I can just feel my way through it and other days, I know I am in complete control of the situation, and then there are the days where I am a little bit of road runner and Wonder woman all rolled in to one! And I'm pretty damn happy with that, nothing wrong with being a super hero! especially in the eyes of your children
So now that its 10.36pm I am about to put in another load of washing, unpack the dishwasher, wake my sleeping husband from the couch and head off to bed, so that another chaotic day can start!! Here's hoping I dont hit the snooze button in the morning!

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