Leavin on a jet plane....

So today Hubby flew out for business till Thursday..Off we toddle to the airport, Im's all gonna be ok, never mind that I am having the nausea day from hell, I'm tired and worked myself in to a state.
No no it's all going to be good...
Yup illusion shattered...we are saying goodbye before he has to go through customs and Diva is sobbing, clutching his leg.."Please Daddy, I dont want you to go..dont leave us here."
Wonder Boy then starts crying.."Daddy whose gonna play castles with me at night?" It truly must have been a pitiful site to an outsider, but at that point watching my 2 babes clutching their Daddy crying I about lost it...I was doing great..was a little proud of myself..then he looked me in the eye, told me he loved me, gave my tummy a little rub, then held my cheek and kissed me on the lips...Yup enter the tears..
You see, we really dont spend anytime apart, he truly is my whole world, my best friend my the thought of spending time away from him and sleeping in the bed without him, honestly makes my heart ache :( Pitiful I tell you! So we now have a giant calendar plastered on the fridge for the kids to mark off the days till our Superhero comes home!!
On another note, we had our ultrasound the other was.......magic.
I was so nervous and scared going in to the ultrasound and the guy sensed it and asked if I was ok, hubby basically filled him in and said that the one we had last year was basically and empty sac. So the guy looks and me and says "honey do you want me to turn the monitor off?" I told him no it was ok, I would just look at hubby..
So off he goes waving his magic wand around, next minute my man starts grinning, the guy goes Oh would you look at that! It's the heart beat!! YAY jellybean, grow little one grow!!
it's amazing to look at the screen and see that perfect little creation right there...Was so fantastic! So the due date they have given me is May 13th! In the meantime little just grow for me and get stronger everyday you hear?

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