And the madness begins.....

arrrrrghhhhhhhh Christmas is coming, and I am so disorganised!!! I have so much to make, buy, do, wrap LOL.
I am in one secret santa already and the girl I have to buy for I completely and utterly adore..and I want her gift to be perfect, something just for her..and so Im completely stumped as to what to get her LOL talk about put pressure on yourself!
I should have already takent the photos for my christmas cards, but nooooooo I've been slack and havent done that either!! Must get on to that!
I have an advent calendar that I want to wait.I WILL do this year, already have half the stuff so I will do it!
But my mojo disappeared for a while! although I did scrap the other night, thanks to some motivation from my girl! (stalker and all that she is! LOL she likes to watch me scrap LMAO)
So it's slowly coming back, and all the links she keeps sending me are giving me some inspiration so that's something at least!
I'm already chomping at the bit to put our christmas trees up! and No I wont hear it from any of you that it's bad luck and I need to wait till December 1st! I've done it every year..normally second week of November and our trees are up! The kids love it, it builds their excitement for christmas, and by the time christmas day comes around they are ready to explode..I love it!!
Reminds me that even though they are growing up they are still so little!! I love the excitement it brings them. And to be honest I have that many decorations it looks like Christmas vomited in my house!!
Ok I'm off to try and get motivated and get some of this stuff under control!
Smooches to my girls!


Renee said...

Hey baby hey baby hey baby HEY!

That's me... I'm the stalker... I admit it...

*Space Cadet* said...

And where might you be?? Miss you! Love you!