is about the only word I can say right now!
I feel like I have everyone coming at me from different angles, damn well wanting something from me, if its not my mother, its my sister, then its the kids (which they have every right to want and need stuff from me) but I am tired god damn it, and I find it ironic that people expect me to drop everything I am doing just to bloody well do something for them, umm hello??? a little in return would be nice.
I dont ever put my hand up and ask for help, but seriously people, I am struggling a little here..the only one that seems to get it right now is my gorgeous adorable hubby, he truly is my rock..I feel like all Im doing is whinging lately, yet he sits and listens and gives me a cuddle and makes it all good...for the time being.
I feel terrible if I complain about the pregnancy, because I have wanted this for so long..but hmmm to say I haven't been feeling great is kinda an understatement right now.I just keep thinking about the end result...the birth of our beautiful babe!
And as far as friendships go...its a two way street people...dont get shitty at me because I havent made contact with you...well when its normally always me making contact and I suddenly stop, and then you notice? well maybe Im getting damn tired of always being the one to check in and see how things are going. Ooooh here's a thought, maybe I have a life... shock, horror, maybe thats it...I truly honestly dont sit at home, waiting by the phone or calling people to see how they are..kinda happens when you have kids.
Phew..that felt kinda good to get it all out...sorry for the random ranting guys!
the normal mindless drivel will return next post LOL


Renee said...

Love and miss you
Hug and kiss you

*Space Cadet* said...

Im sorry babe!
Love & kisses!

Lis said...

Big huggles babe, wish I was there to help you out.
Love you *smoooches*