Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell Rock...

I cannot get this song outta my head LOL!! Too funny..I am so excited that it's almost christmas I can barely breathe!! I fought the urge to put the tree up for so long, and eventually caved and let the kids put theirs up on Saturday night, they did such a fantastic job..I'm really proud of them!! (I'll post pics soon!)
My christmas cards are done and ready to send out!! YAY me!! I cheated a little this year and made a digital layout, had them printed and then stuck on to cardstock..let me know what you think!!

I know, I know...a little different from the scrapping I normally do..but hey its got my kids on it and I think they look adorable!!

On another Chrismassy note...I found Mrs Santa's blog!! I love reading it..well lets face it I do live and breathe for christmas!! should check it out, the link is on the really is a lovely blog to read, and has some photos on it as well.

I'm busy in the swing of making my christmas stuff for the house as well as the presents!! I have almost finished my advent calendar which I'm so in love with, a huge canvas with 24 tags, and each day you turn a tag over there is a different photo of the kids on the back! I'll post pics when I'm finished! I have started my christmas gifts for the girls, I cant put what they are because they read my blog!! Started the recipe book for Wonder Boy's teacher just have to finish the recipe cards for inside..I thought I was behind last night, but after sitting down and working it out, I'm actually doing ok!! I just need to stop looking at websites and finding more christmas stuff I want to create!!

Jellybean is doing well, the heat has knocked me around a bit, and my leg swelled up quite a bit on the weekend, so I just took it easy. Cruising in to 16 weeks now..seems to have gone slow some days, but then others it feels like this pregnancy is rushing along at high speed. I will be honest and say it hasn't been a dream pregnancy like Wonder Boy and Diva..but each one is different..or so I'm told!

Anyway I'm off, Mrs Santa if you happen to read this, can you please tell Santa that I have the world's most amazing husband whom I would be lost without, and he would love a pancake maker for Christmas..Thanks!

Smooches to you all


Renee said...

Consider yourself commented upon! ;-P

I know WHY he (read, YOU) wants the pancake maker!!!

Lis said...

Love the card babe, its gorgeous.
Im glad someone is organised for christmas cos im not!
Love ya :)

Askinstoo said...

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*Space Cadet* said...

You are so talanted babe! Those kiddos are so beautiful!!