My girls.

"As treasured keepsakes warm the home, cherished friendships warm the heart. "

I love this saying..
I spent last weekend with my girls! So much fun, but damn I was tired Sunday night!! isn't it amazing how you can meet people online, and then meet them IRL and everything is as it should be? your expectations are what you thought, and they really are who you have built them up in your mind to be.
These girls have listened to my bitching and whinging about people and life, also my heartache of TTC every night since I first started talking to them, and funnily enough they still love me!! LOL. I have probably shared more with these girls than I have with some of my friends IRL, and there has never been any judgement, just kind words and advice offered.
To say that they make you feel wonderful is an understatement, these girls can make you feel fucking fabulous. All of them are unique and different, but just as fabulous as each other.
I am so incredibly lucky to have such wonderful friends in my life, who accept me for who I am, which can be draining! LoL, lets face it: I am a spoilt princess, a complete Diva, an anal retentive cleaning freak, and a complete Stepfordwife LOL, and like I said they still love me for ME!

Girls, you truly mean the world to me. Thankyou so much for coming in to my life, I thought I had some great friends in my life before I met you, now I realise I just hadn't met some of the most beautiful caring women around. Thanks for making me feel like a better person when I am around you all.
Love you!
Smooches to my girls.


Renee said...

Baby - you've turned me into a Stepford Wife wannabe... I'm sooo in love with you - marry me?

It really was the most amazing weekend and I really can't believe how happy I've felt since then. I want to hold on to this feeling forever!

*Space Cadet* said...

I am soooooo jealous it't not even funny!!

Lis said...

Honey you make it so easy to love you, all those things you say about us, are always reversed if the need arises.

The weekend was just the best and I cant wait to do it again.