Another one down...

And the Christmas clean-up begins.
Wow I really do need to update my blog don't I? LOL
I'll add some pics in this entry as well then explain what they all are!
Meet Henry..Henry was the elf that Santa left for the kids to make sure they were well behaved and good right up till Christmas eve when he went home again with Santa.
The Kids thought this was fantastic, and loved having him stay with us, fingers crossed he comes back again next year! (my auntie actually made him for me, isnt he adorable!!)

Christmas day was crazy, tiring, full on but fantastic! I spent the whole day with family at my mum's and my sister, her fiance and the kids were there as well! which was really nice as it was my little peanut's first Christmas!
The Kids had the most fantastic day, weather wasn't great, which is lucky that Santa is clever and set their trampoline up in the garage so they could at least have a jump on it and not get wet! We really cut back on what the kids got this year..but they completely loved everything they recieved! As Diva said to me.."mum don't you just love Christmas? it gives you butterflies in your tummy!!

And these 3 gorgeous souls are what makes Christmas for me...I honestly couldn't ask for anything better than having them beside me not only on Christmas Day but everyday..they are my heart and my soul, and I am so incredibly lucky to have them in my life.

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*Space Cadet* said...

You have such a beautiful family Tam! Im sorry about yesterday but my best friend, brandy, was really really sick & I had to take care of her. Hope you understand. I miss you more than you know. My heart aches.