which is exactly where i have been lately! I have been so busy with all the jobs I need to do before's been completely crazy here!
Plus the heat isn't helping either..I cant sit at my desk for to long, as this is the hottest room in the house, and my legs have been swelling up quite a bit of late.
Ahh the joys of pregnancy! We have to have another ultrasound after christmas..our 20 week scan!! HALF WAY!!! and we made it!! Woo Hoo!
So I thought I would share some things Ive been working on!
The Date & Walnut loaves I made for the kinder teachers, originally I was only going to do 4 of them and then I had a few more requests so I think I'm up to 7 or 8 now!
Then I covered this cute little box for my girlfriends daughter as her christmas present...
The Drama Queen one is for a friend for Christmas..and finally the last pics are the stockings that I made my cant really tell from the photos, but there is glitter and sequins and stuff on them!
Smooches...better get back to the Christmas stuff!
eta: damn blogger wont let me add the other pic of the stocking...grrrrrr


Renee said...

At least you have a good reason for ignoring me... I guess I can forgive you... pretty presents and I'll have me some of those loaves :)

Lis said...

Im so glad everything is going well with Jellybean! All the gifts look awesome, you have certainly been a busy little vegemite :)
Miss ya, love ya

*Space Cadet* said...

Simply smashing! I see what you have left me for! ;) Everything looks great & its almost all over. Thank goodness! I miss you heaps! Love ya much!