100 Random Facts...

I saw this on Ren's blog and thought I would do it for me!
A whole lot of useless information for you all but nevermind~!!!

I.have been married for 9 years this February! Been with him for 13 and he still gives me butterflies when he kisses me.
2.I am addicted to Salt & Vinegar Chips
3.I do not consider chocolate to be indulgent it really is part of the food pyramid!
4.My favourite colour is Pink
5.I have a fear of heights and small spaces
6.I DO NOT like to be dominated!
7.I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up
8.I make and sell wedding invitations and birthday invitations
9.I dont like my sister's fiancee..shhhhh thats a secret!
10.I have a lot of accquantances but only truly one friend who I have Share everything with.I adore her, as far as Im concerned..she hung the moon.
11.I really am grateful for my friends IRL and on the net
12.I love Bella Champagne (its pink!) and Scotch & Dry
13.I miss smoking...a lot
14.I'm really anal about my housework and where things should be...Think sleeping with the enemy :0
15.Betty Boop is my favourite character because she is so cheeky and a little bit flirty!
16.One of my best friends gassed himself...and I feel a little bit like I contributed to that and I live with it everyday
17.Most of my IRL friends think I am a prude!!! bwahahahaha
18.I have 4 tattoos and want more!
19.When I was little I wanted to be a child care worker
20.I would love 4 kids
21.Buying a house means nothing to me, I dont care about material things
22.I think about things to much and overanalyse a lot
23.I have nothing to do with my real father
24.I love to long as it harmless!
25.I always second guess myself as a mother
26.I am spoilt by my DH
27.Majority of people think I am quite nice, and I do try to be but I can be a complete and utter bitch.
28. I have a side to me that my IRL friends dont know about ;)
29.I have learnt that you are never given anything in life you have to either work for it or earn it
30.I have A LOT of wicked secrets!!
31.I adore my mum, but she makes me feel inferior sometimes
32.I wish I was strong enough to really tell my sister that its not always about her
33.I have this warped idea of what a wife and mother should be..and I push myself to be that.
34.I am petrified about this pregnancy..everyday I am worried.and it's really upsetting me.
35.I love fire, but it intimidates me
36.I have a jealous streak
37.I let people walk all over me.
38.I am quite insecure about myself
39.I have very little self confidence, and am always second guessing myself
40. I hate my real father but secretly hope that one day I can have it all out with him and it will make a difference.(I know in my heart this wont happen)
41.I've only just stopped blaming myself for being molested..I now know I didnt ask for it
42.I flat out refuse to get post natal depression with this baby
43.I am a hoarder..but a tidy hoarder!!
44.I often wonder if DH's dad is really his Dad..
45.I really do love to help people.if I can help I will
46.I *think* I believe in God..well actually I know I believe in something, just not sure if it's God
47.I have a step-brother and a step-sister
48.Spring is my favourite season
49.I love everything about Christmas..always have
50.I have always been overweight..even as a small child LOL
51.I think about the miscarriage a lot, and part of me thinks it was a boy
52.I want to learn how to read a pattern and sew..
53.I can be very very vain
54.I dont think my children realise how much I truly love them
55.The thought of anything happening to my DH can seriously cause me to hyperventilate
56.I am a snob when it comes to eating out
57.I look forward to my monthly dinners with my girlfriends
58.I DETEST public toilets..and the germs they carry
59.I buy a new toothbrush at least every 3 weeks because I worry about the germs in them..I know I know it's silly
60.I tend to believe what people tell me..I have no reason to doubt them..
61.I'm learning that not all people are true to their words
62.There is always visitors here every weekend, sometimes I wish it was just us
63.I really want to go to New Zealand
64.I am forgetful
65.I live my life by a diary and a calendar
66.The Robbie Williams concert was the first one I had ever been too
67.I need to learn how to say No
68.DH doesnt call me by my's always honey or tootsie..has been for our whole relationship
69.Belly Buttons make me gag..
70.I love bubble baths
71.I hate it when I am wrong, but will happily admit it when I am
72.I have one group of friends who are the complete opposite of my other group of friends
73.Latte is my FAVOURITE caffeine choice..hanging out for one when bubs is born!
74.We are planning to renew our wedding vows next year
75.I dont like whipped sponge cakes makes me gag
76.Green beans are disgusting
77.My DH makes the most awesome Chicken and Asparagus casserole
78.Our whole marriage is a partnership, everything is done and decided together
79.I dont think that my mum thinks that I am as good a mother as my sister
80.My favourite flowers are Irises and Roses..white roses in particular
81.I sometimes suffer anxiety attacks in big crowds.
82.I worry that Mackenzie and I wont have a fantastic relationship as she grows up
83.I can sometimes sit and think how incredibly lonely I feel at that point
84.I love to read, especially true life crime books
85.I love celebrity gossip
86.I love Mangoes..but they have to be eaten at the right time or I throw them out
87.I love cooking, I dont think Im very good at it but I love it!!
88.I cry..a lot.
89.I love/need/have to have intimacy
90.My kids give the best cuddles in the world alongside hubby
91.I cannot say No to Zac when he looks at me with "the face"
92.I cannot drive a manual car!!
93.The smell of my Nan automatically makes me feel safe
94.I refuse to drink Tap Water
95.My favourite TV shows are Sex & the City, Will & Grace and That 70's show
96.The Phantom was my favourite comic book character as a kid
97.I know how to play the piano..I just wish we had one I could practice on
98.I hate excercise, but have joined the gym
99.I love buying soppy sentimental cards for people..just because, there doesnt have to be an occasion for them
100.I have trouble sleeping and can survive on as little as 2-3 hours a night.



Renee said...

I'm first to comeent cause I'm the bestest!!!

Only 2 or 3 of these were things I didn't know...

Love you and all your eccentricities.

*Space Cadet* said...

I love you babe! And your list was interesting.