Better Day

At least in part it has been better. The heat is kicking my ass big time, and the jellybean is kicking my insides!! Good stuff though, to be honest it's one of the best feelings in the world. I spoke to the Dr about my blood pressure and all is good, they want to just keep a close eye on me and see how things progress. Jellybeans heartbeat was 150bpm...running a marathon in there LOL!!

I've decided that once the kids start back to school, I am going to aim to get 4 layouts done per week. I really lost my mojo last year to scrap and I'm starting to miss it big time, so I figured I would set myself little goals and hopefully (fingers crossed) catch up on some of my layouts. Wish me luck! This is going to be my year to be organised..bwahahahaha watch that all fall apart once I have Jellybean!!
Speaking of jellybean..FULL ON cravings for vinegar..I can't get enough of the stuff..Salt and Vinegar chips, Salt and Vinegar chip sandwiches..and hot chips SMOTHERED in vinegar!! Doesn't do so great for the heartburn though!

Anyhoo..I loved this quote that I found a long time ago but figured after the last few days it seemed appropriate and then this is one of my favourite pics.

"In order to see and appreciate the sunshine, we must first see the rain."

Catch you tomorrow!


Lis said...

How exciting for you all that jellybean is starting to move!
You need to send that weather back up here lol its been really ordinary lately.

*Space Cadet* said...

Hey babe! Good to know all is well. And how can you keep from getting heartburn with all that salty & spicy stuff?! lol Love you babe!

Renee said...

OMGosh! Vinegar? You crazy woman!!!

Love and miss you
Hug and kiss you