Happy New Year!

I can't believe it is 2007...
So many things are going to happen this year..I really think it's going to be a big one!
*My baby starts school :( which I am extremely happy for her as she is so excited about starting but part of my heart is breaking because well, she is my baby LOL
and if one more person says to me.."Oh but you are having another one" I really think I might deck them!
*My boy turns 8! 8 years have flown by, but I am really proud of the person he is becoming, he is a good boy with awesome manners and the most compassionate heart.
*My gorgeous hubby turns 30!!! Am starting to think of what to do for his birthday already, it's not till September but I need to get organised!
*My sister gets married...I have mixed feelings about this one, I still see her as my baby sister so to think she is getting married is weird!!!
*My best friend starts her new that I have vowed will be free of heartache this year..
*Our precious new arrival will happen...Jellybean will make his/her grand entrance the first week of May!(fingers crossed LOL)

We had a wonderful New Years Eve, probably the nicest one we have spent in a while,
we went to the beach and stayed with friends, and just spent the night chatting, drinking (well they all did LOL) eating from yummy platters and playing games. Nice simple NYE but was lovely. The kids went swimming that day for a few hours, so they went to sleep about 9.30..completely worn out but happy!
I love these photo's of them at the beach, they look so carefree and happy..remember that feeling when you were a kid??

Anyway I'm off to make myself a milkshake hehe and then I have to start Wonder Boy's birthday invitations! Will post a pic of them tomorrow if I can get them done today.
Smooches, talk to you all tomorrow!


*Space Cadet* said...

Like I said your kids are goregous! I cant wait to see the new lil bean!! Here is to a fab year!! Love yoU!

Lis said...

Happy new year babe, glad you had a great time. Kenz and Zac are gorgeous as will the little jellybean be, take after there mum :)
Miss you heaps