I made it!

I made it to 35 weeks!!! YAY me! Only 9 sleeps to go and I finally get to meet this little one!!!

I'm so glad I was allowed home from the hospital though..I don't think I could have coped having to stay in there till bubs was to be delivered. Although I did end up at the hospital again yesterday with the most horrendous god I was sick :( on the mend now thank goodness, the vomitting started contractions again but they settled down, I think because all I did was sleep and lay down.

So I got my wish! I got to spend Easter with my babes...I at least got to see them hunt for their eggs and be so appreciative of what they recieved. We don't really go over board for annoys me how commercialised it is. So we generally get them a pair of PJ's from us, a Cadbury rabbit and a small bag of dream eggs. Then from easter bunny they had the cadbury hunting eggs. They were so excited and said they couldn't believe how much chocolate they had and how lucky they were!! The only thing I am miffed about is I didn't get any photos of them doing their hunt :( I just wasn't up to it this morning. But I did get some of them eating!!!

Hubby has the next week off, as the kids are on school holidays and I was hoping to take them to the aquarium but I dont know if it's such a good idea for me to be travelling at the moment.. hmmm will have a think about it!!
I'm in such a scrap slump at the moment...I just cannot pull myself out of it. I want to scrap but just cant be bothered scrapping at the moment..crazy isn't it? Hope I snap out of it soon though!
Any hoo hope you like the pics! take care my chickas and I'll try update again soon.
Happy Easter everyone!


Karen said...

Great you have mad it wishing you all the best for the next week or so ,Glad you where able to enjoy and spend time at home with family on Easter .Hope you are lots better from your Gastro

Karen Hay

Lis said...

Only seems like the other day you told us you were pregnant, the time has gone so quick.
Hugs to you all, will be waiting for the news :)

Ngaire said...

Tam I am so happy that you got to spend easter with your family. As Lis said time has just flown since you told us you were having bub no.3 and now it is nearly time for he/she to be introduced to the world!

Sam said...

All the best for the next week and a bit. :-D I'm glad you got to spend easter with your family.

Take Care

*Space Cadet* said...

OMG! Look at the lovely baby belly! Love it! Love you too! So glad you made it! Now, I just cant wait to see the lil jelly bean!

alteredaimee said...

You my dear have been on my mind big time! I am so glad things are better. I was worried. Pat your belly for me. *hugs*