Needing positive thoughts and prayers...

So I had my Dr's appointment the other day and things aren't that great. :(
I have gestational diabetes, which I was trying to control with diet but that isn't working and my blood sugar levels are all over the place so they have decided to put me on insulin injections till bubs is born. So not looking forward to having to inject myself :(
I also have to see a heart specialist next week as i have been having heart palpitations and my heart is doing freaky things..great just freakin great.
Plus bub's heart has to be monitored twice a week from 32 weeks..that sent me right over the edge and the waterworks started. So at this stage they are trying to get me to 37 weeks...I NEED to get to 37 weeks, I REFUSE to have this baby before then. LOL
So if you could all keep us in your thoughts that would be really appreciated right now.
Ok I'm off I'm meant to be resting! Hopefully I'll be back soon.


Lis said...

Thinking of you every day honey, sending you good vibes and praying for you and jellybean.
Remember the power of positive thinking, You and Jellybean are going to be just fine!!

*Space Cadet* said...

Oh babe! I am so sorry! At least it has been caught & you can move forward now. (((HUGS))) LOVES!!

alteredaimee said...

hope you and the babe are doing okay. I've been thinking of you

*Space Cadet* said...

Just wanted to let you know I miss you... And love you much!

Steph said...

Hey. I was just thinking about you. Hope things are going well! UPdate me !

I love you honey!