Coughs, Colds and a sobbing little princess...

Ugh we are all sick :( My voice sounds like a drag queens voice! DH has a really chesty cough, Zac has a blocked nose and my princess sobbed on and off all night with a earache poor little darlin. So she has been dosed up on panadol and has been laying on her heat pack to help ease it a little.
On a good note though we have had RAIN!!! yay lots of it too! we so need it, I really don't think we can conserve water any more than we already are. I wish we had a tank that could have, no actually would have been filled the past few days. I'm glad the farmers are getting some relief, I can't imagine how hard it has been for them.
So the little puddin put on 700grams in a fortnight hehe, yeah the average they look for is 150g per week. Yup my little porker exceeded that! he now weighs 10lb 4oz!!
He is sleeping great of a night, he has his last feed about 10.00-11.00 then wakes at about 6am, cant ask for a better baby really! I need to keep an eye on him at the moment I think he is getting our colds, hope not he is too little to feel this dreadful.

So I created last night!! I made 6 cards, YAY go me! I also made some canvasses of the kids the other day, I'll get photos of them and put them in another post. I think my desire to create is finally coming back, thank god! I was wondering what the hell I was going to do with all my stuff I have accumulated the last few years!
But nope its slowly resurfacing!!

Well enough of my ramblings! I'll leave you with some pics of the little prince! He smiled and I caught it on camera!
Catch ya on the flip side!! (hehe such an 80's saying!)


Lis said...

Aww babe hope you are all feeling better soon. Hope that Harrison doesnt get it too.
Yay for creating, cant wait to see the cards.
Love the photo, he is just gorgeous :)

Sora said...

Thanks for writing this.