Finding my groove..

Slowly but surely I am finding my groove at being a mother of 3! We have had some definate challenging days, especially of a morning trying to get the other 2 ready for school, and then at dinner time but I really think I'm on my way to getting it all together..(well as much as a mother can LOL)
Not much really happening of late, we went out the other night to a Trivia night and I swear it was the WORST one I have ever been too. The host was an absolute moron but thought he was shit hot!! Ah well, we had fun on our table! And it was all for a good cause so that's whats important. Harrison slept the whole time LOL.
My precious girl was suppose to have her first sleep over at a friends house on Saturday night, and the poor little darlin just couldn't do it, she went there in the afternoon, had dinner with them and then about 9pm just couldn't cope any longer and they rang and asked if we could come get her, she was a little sad and a little nervous about staying away from home. :( So we'll try again another time!
I just watched her perform an item with her class at school assembly today, completely floored me. This is a little girl whose confidence levels were so low last year that when she had to talk in front of her kinder class she put her head down and started to get upset. This same little pixie had an anxiety attack about dancing for viewing day at Ballet. Yet today she stood tall and proud to be up there with her friends performing their item, and to top it off she was in the front row and had an enourmous smile on her face! I am so proud of her!!
Harrison had some photos taken the other from my friend who is trying to learn how to use her new camera and some lenses that she got. I'll share a couple with you!.

Talk to you all soon.


*Space Cadet* said...

OMG! What a sweet series of pics! I so wanna kiss him all over! Miss you babe! I love you!

Renee said...

Yay little K!!! Give her hugs and kisses from me and tell her I'm so proud of her...

Donna Hooper Photography said...

What a sweet little bub...congratulations Tam

EquineSpirit said...

LOVE the photos! Absolutely wonderful!