Crash and burn baby...
My puter has gone to computer heaven and to put it midly..I am completely fucking shattered!! This is so the wrong time for this to happen..I am in the middle of bloody birthday invitations, and I really truly cannot afford for it right now :(
Sucks...completely sucks.
On a good note, I decided to change the kids rooms around on Friday night..ugh what an undertaking..but it's alllllllllll done!! and it looks good!
I'm a bit sad about H being in his own room but it's all good..I guess..(I'll get back to you on that one.)The other good bit is my girl is home...she went for a quick little holiday and now she is back..yayyyyy missed her tons while she was away..I know ridiculous cos it was only for a few days, but she is this huge part of my life and I kinda feel like when she isnt around part of me is missing. Not just her, but her kids as well..they completely rock.. Everything they have been through lately and they still have a smile on their face..gorgeous super troopers!

I got my prize from Donna today...was totally freakin fantastic..cant wait to start playing with all my goodies! Hoping to create some new layouts really soon!!

Another part...I've been tagged! Thanks Angie!
7 completely random facts about me!
1.I have a fear of germs!
2.Chocolate topping is my favorite flavour
3.I am addicted to coffee
4.I talk to my girl everyday..and not just once
5.I sleep with my left arm up under the pillow
6.My family think I'm a prude (bwahahahaha)
7.My favorite food is Thai

Talk to you all soon guys...
I'll tag

Catch ya soon, hopefully with a new computer!


Angie ~ Scrap'n'art said...

No worries Tam!

Look forward to seeing more of you on your new system!!!

Take care of yourself:) Angie

Susan C said...

Sucks when your computer has 'gone to god'. Hope you had a change to retrieve your data.

YvonneM said...

Oh Bugger!!! Hope you get your computer problems sorted out really soon. I know I hate it when I can't get on the computer when DH takes it over ... can't imagine what it would be like if it packed it in!! Living nightmare too right!!

heike said...

Bummer! Hope your computer problems get fixed soon. :)

*Southern Beall* said...

Will do! I love you & miss you! Add me to MSN! *smoochies*

*Southern Beall* said...

I miss you!