Let it Snow!!!

OMG we have had SNOW here it has been that friggen cold!!
The kids were soooooo excited!
It really is beautiful..I love it..I got to take a heap of photos as well :)
The kids only went back to school yesterday :( I wish it had of snowed while they were on holidays we could have had heaps of fun!!
Scotty just made the kids a snowman LOL hope he is still there when they wake up!

Sooooooooo I have a new computer..well a laptop actually! My gorgeous man got it for me..such a spoilt princess!He totally rocks my world! so I'm up and running on the net again.still havent put everything on my little precious, but I'll get there.
Still gotta clean up the piece of shit I use to call a computer and let the kids use it for games and what not! Still gotta do a lot of things...hmm I'll get around to it all one day.

Life is good at the moment..nope life fucking rocks right now..few little things going on but its all good. Need to get a whole lot of sleep but they do say sleep is for the weak hehehehe.....
Loads of scrapping I need to get done, I got my first prize from Donna which totally blew me away...but its allllllll so nice I kinda dont want to use it!!
I'll get around to it soon..going shopping at a scrap shop I love on Saturday...hopefully I'll pick up some more mojo while I'm there hahaha.
Right-o I'm outta here, having a whole lot of trouble concentrating tonight!
love The Spoilt Princess! xxoo


YvonneM said...

Wow - look at that snow!!! Wish we got snow here ... there's a whole lot of scrapping to be done if we got snow!!! It looks so pretty.
Glad you're back online - and a snazzy laptop to boot.

*Southern Beall* said...

WOW! Snow! We dont ever get snow in Texas! Glad you got a new laptop. Miss you so much! Are you going to be on MSN? Love you! *smoochies*

Susan C said...

We don't get snow here either. Enjoy your new 'puter.

melanie harris said...

I love my laptop, so much better than the desk top.

I love those snow photos, I wished it snowed herr.