Life is good!

My little man is home from hospital! He is still not 100% but is doing so much better, just need to keep him out of the cold for a little bit.
Thanks so much to all of you the emailed me, left comments etc with good thoughts and prayers for our little prince. It was one of the hardest weeks we have had for a long time and managed to stir up lots of memories of how sick Zac was as a baby. No child should ever get that sick, it's cruel.
But on a good note..he giggled at me!! he has the most adorable smile and little giggle, and is completely wrapping everyone who comes in to contact with him around his little finger.
I know I constantly go on about my gorgeous husband but he truly is the best gift I have ever recieved. This man completely rocks my world and continues to astound me at how much he truly does love me. I feel so incredibly lucky to have something that some people spend their whole lives searching for..we really were tailor made for each other...and the chemistry and electricity between us after 14 years WOAH!!
here is my everyday eye candy..YUMMMMMMM

sooooo easy on the eye!!
I love you honey..

Something else I wanted to share with you guys is a singer whose songs and voice I am hooked on at the moment. "Colbie Caillat" not sure if you have heard of her but there is something about her voice and her songs that just appeal to me, really easy listening songs..would be good with a great glass of red and some yummy cheeses..
Really love her song, Magic and Tailor Made, Diva loves Bubbly the best!

Smooches, and I'll chat to you all later.


Lis said...

Oh honey im so glad he is home and getting better :)

Well ya know i think ya hubby is gorgeous lol love the photo!

heike said...

Glad to hear that your little man is back home. :)

~kathryn~ said...

glad he is home and on the mend

I saw Colbie live in the USA when was there - at the waterfront under the Arch in St Louis - she was REALLY good