Beach weekend and a hospital stay...

So we went away to the beach for a weekend with the most fantastic friends anyone could ever ask for. There was a very personal reason why we went, but its not my place to disclose that. Had the best weekend, didn't have to do a thing, phone didnt ring, TV wasn't on, just spent the whole weekend chatting and watching the kids play.
That was the great part of the weekend..the worst part was my gorgeous boy just got sicker and sicker...he started off with a cold on Wednesday but by Sunday night my mother hen instincts had kicked in and I just knew he wasn't right and something was wrong, so off we go to the hospital emergency department where we are told his saturation levels are really low and he needs to be admitted and place on oxygen..
Insert panic attacks and tears here...
So he has been in hospital since Sunday night and looks like he will be in there for a few more days yet, he cannot maintain his saturation levels without the oxygen yet, which they said is a common thing with RSV or brochiolitis. He looks so miserable, and I think his body is really sore from all the coughing which makes it hard to hold him, not to mention the tubes, they kinda get in the way of giving him a really good snuggle. I cannot wait to have him home with me.
I want to also say thanks to everyone that has been thinking positive and praying for him, it never ceases to amaze me the level of compassion and positive wishes that I recieve from complete strangers that have never met me or my little prince..
So to each and every one of you..thanks a really does mean the world to me.
I'm having a break from the hospital tonight and scott is there with him's such a long day sitting there by myself, especially since he is so exhausted all he wants to do is sleep, which is a good thing for his recovery.
I am so grateful to my best friend..without her we wouldnt have had a decent meal all week! or my kids wouldnt be organised for school! Time kinda stood still when he was admitted.
here are some pics of him that Scott took last night.

I'll post more later, but for now I'm gonna go try clean my house and get on top of things that I've been neglecting
Stac, darlin I haven't forgotten about you, and I did add you to MSN but I never see you online..!Love you, miss you!


Belinda Howlett said...

Big HUGS!!!!!

YvonneM said...

Awwww - (((hugs)))) to you. Hope you have your little fella back home with you VERY soon. It must be hard to be separated from him like that and not be able to cuddle and comfort him with all those tubes.

Lis said...

Thinking of you all honey, sending lots of good vibes down there for you, Huge hugs :)

melanie harris said...

Im so sorry that he is so sick, Im prayig for his speedy recovery.

Hugs sweetie.

heike said...

OMG, poor little mite. Hope you have him back home with you real soon.

*Southern Beall* said...

OMG! Babe! I am so sorry! Im over here crying. I hate to see the lil prince in pain. =( Sending get well vibes to you. I love & miss you more than you know. Can't wait to catch up. Busy as hell here. Started my new job & dont have time to even think these days. *smoochies*

EquineSpirit said...

Awwww....whata sweet little man! I hope he's feeling better soon!! ((HUGS!!))