Christmas Chaos

has ensued in this household!! Every year I seem to get busier and's damn near crazy how busy I've been the last couple of weeks..whose bright idea was it to make presents this year?? oh that's right..MINE!! LMAO well no seriously I really do prefer to give a homemade gift, and especially when I know I have spent the time to really think about what they would like to recieve. I can't divulge the gifts Ive been making as some of the recipients read this blog!
Aside from christmas chaos, life has been hectic, Diva has had rehearsals for her ballet recital which we had last night, I loved it! the best thing we ever did was swap her to a new dance school, the look on her face while she was on stage last night made her proud mama tear up..she was a snowflake in the nutcracker dance and a hairy who, for her Jazz dance which was based on Dr Suess! fantastic night really!!
Puddin chops is trying desperately to crawl and getting very very cranky because he cant get his body to do what he wants it to!!
Wonder Boy is so full of attitude at the moment, I'm really ready to tear my hair out..please tell me it gets better! LOL
So it's our turn to do Christmas Day here this year, which has worked out perfectly being that it is H's first christmas...tradtitional lunch and then a seafood dinner is order I think!
As for me..well I'm working on me..I'm trying really hard to learn how to say No to people, and I'm sorry but I have so much on I couldn't possibly fit that in..yep so far not working and am hitting meltdown mode LOL..happens every bloody year!!
Maybe next year I'll learn..doubt it but for now I'll live in my delusional world!
Huge big smooches to my girls Stac and Shan...Stac you are still so freakin cute..I cant wait to see your baby bump pics when you get bigger darlin! I miss you truckloads honey! Shann...I miss you so freakin much!!! I'm so glad you found me on here!! can't wait to catch up with you some more darlin!!
So I'll leave you with some piccies..then I better run off, have another 20 bags of reindeer food to make..yet another tradition that has been going in this household for the last 8 years!
Smooches to all your christmas cuties!
Love Tam!
My Christmas Tree!

Layout of the Puddin!

Christmas Photos!


*Southern Beall* said...

OK first of all, it's about damn time you post again! =) Second, your kids are just too beautiful! Love your slide show! You really are a talanted scraper my dear. And thank you for the kind words. I miss you more than you could ever know. Truly. I love you!! *smoochies*

Anonymous said...

Girl thank you so much for what you said. I miss you so much too! Loved seeing the pics of your little people. They are adorable! Merry Christmas sexy!