Ummmm Hi..Hello!

Yeah I know..I am so crap at updating this some times! I can go in fits and fads about it! But I have photos!! :) does that help?
Soooo what's new with you?? what's new with me is I've been hanging out at a new scrapping website that is going to be loads of fun..come join in..there is challenges and prizes and the girls are FABBO!

I've been scrapping quite a bit lately..trying to catch up on the kids albums..yep doubt that is ever going to happen but hey I'll live in my deluded world!
Almost ready to start all my christmas crafts..can you believe it's only 8 weeks till Christmas! Thank christ I have almost done my shopping!
There were huge dramas with the block of land we had chosen for the house, so we pulled out of that one and have now found another, which has actually turned out better! well fingers crossed anyway!
Harrison is doing fabulous! he cut a tooth today :( my little boy is getting so big..he is 6 and a half months old now, it has gone so fast..I feel like it's going to fast and I'm missing things along the's weird really I cant explain it..well I can..I want time to stand still just for a while so I can absorb everything about him and every little thing he is doing. He can say Mum and Dad now..and yells DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADA at the top of his voice..he so loves his Daddy!.
He also had his first haircut...everyone was hanging shit on me about his hair, so we got it cut much to my disgust. :(
The kids school has been moving in leaps and bounds with the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen looks so fabulous, and the kids think it's the most amazing thing, they grow herbs and citrus trees and vegies, then they cook with what they have grown, things like soda bread with herb butter, and pizza topped with potatoes, rosemary, parmesan cheese..I volunteer in the kitchen of a thursday afternoon, and it's amazing to watch the kids interact with the food, they want to touch everything and smell everything..I Love it!!
So what's new in your world..what's gossip?? tell me all!!!!
I'll leave you with some pics! catch you all soon, Oh and Stac when we gonna get to see a piccy of the baby bump?? lol!

Diva at the school working bee!

H's first haircut :(

we are a force to be reckoned with..the 3 of us!! I totally love this girl..she rocks my socks off! Love ya Darlin! Mwah!

How freakin hot is my total hunk o spunk!! he rocks my world and my heart everytime he looks at me.

bwahahahahaha need I say more..other than this is so relective of us!
catch ya all soon!


Renee said...

Love that last photo babe!

Lis said...

Awesome pics honey, man H is a little man now just so adoreable, and the photo of you and Scott!! Wowswer its gorgeous!!

*Southern Beall* said...

Beautiful pics hunny! You & Scott look so darn cute & playful!! I miss you!

*Southern Beall* said...

Did you forget about us again??

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Anonymous said...

Hey Tam! Its Shannon. Looks like you may have not been on your blog in a while but I hope you get this message. Miss ya!!