Hi yeah!

couldnt think of a rockin title so that's what it is for this post LOL
well today started out a bit blah, I was a little flat but it generally got a little better as the day progressed. But tonight OMG!! I have had an awesome night!
first off I am happy that I have completed all bar two challenges for the month on Mystical Scrapbooks..secondly..I pm'd the big kahuna over there and asked if we could have a card making section in the forum..long story short...we now have one and I get to be the moderator on that particular section...hmm can you say happy girl! yup that's me!! might be something small and insignificant to some, but to me it's huge..And then..blow me down..another site I go on to asked if I was still interested in doing some Guest DT work!! Woooooo Hoooooo!
Hunk o hubby is home for this week and next,had surgery on his knee so is incapacitated to work..normally when he is laid up he is a great patient..this time...hmmm not so much, I'm ready to wrap the walking stick thingy up his butt..he is bored stupid, wants me to keep taking him out for a drive..never mind he cannot bend his knee..typical man..
I have been flat out running between him and Diva and Wonder Boy...puddin just cruises along LOL he has 4 teeth now, and has finally mastered the art of crawling on all fours, not commando anymore. :(
went camping last weekend, and it bucketed rain the first night we were there and then rained on and off for the rest of the weekend..was a great weekend NOT..never mind, it's been and done now, cant change it.
Kids go back to school on Wednesday Woooooooooooo Freakin Hooooooo omg did I say that outloud?? hehe nah seriously they havent been too bad, just this last week they have a bit of cabin fever, even when they are outdoors..they thrive on routine these kids, so holidays causes chaos for them.

So in honor of the kids going back to school, I have decided to do a giveaway..nooooo it's not as terrible as it sounds LOL
Post your fav childhood school memory in the comment section and the one that moves my groove thing will be the lucky recipient of a giveaway from yours truly!!

So I'll leave you with a looksy of my card for my first weekly thread on Mystical
if you haven't been to check out the website yet you really should...the girls are fantastic, and the competitions keep you moving all month!!
Promise next post I'll put in some pics from camping and the falls...Diva was ecstatic that they have the same name as her LOL
happy creating girls!
Love Tam


Lis said...

Wooohooo you go girl!!!

Love the card, and will be checking in weekly to get lots of ideas!

My favourite memory from my childhood is the camping trips we used to go on to the beach, spending 4 weeks in tents, eating heaps of seafood and swimming and fishing. I even learnt to water ski!

*Southern Beall* said...

YAY for Tam!! So proud of you & totally excited! Sounds like fun! Sorry to hear about Scott. Hope he gets to feeling better. And yay again for the kids going back to school. lol Ryker is getting out for about 3 months right as this baby gets here. Should be fun. lol NOT! And I cant believe H has 4 freakin teeth! WOW! Where did the baby go?? Love you!

~Kathryn~ said...

wow that baby is growing so fast !! only seems like yesterday we heard he'd arrived

my childhood memory - getting dressed up in Sunday best to go to church, then after church we'd get on the train to visit my grandma - was always like a big adventure

kayla renee macaulay said...

CONGRATS On your card section your card is beautiful

favourite childhood school memory...jessh! mine are too embarrasing...i have to say tackling a boy in my class (LOL!) and hitting the fire extinguisher off the wall and getting covered in white powder stuff!!! infront of 2 classes...lets just say i took a few days of school! lol!


Kjirsten said...

My whole childhood was one long embarrasment,lol. PS you're so tagged!! visit me for the rulez xoxo