Well Mystical have done it again!
They now have a section called Rock your Blog which I love..Sara will be posting topics for us to blog about..great idea huh? I thought so too!
So this topic is
Scrapbooking? How do you motivate yourself and still enjoy the process??

I am extremely lucky to have online friends that tend to motivate in particular (Hi Lis!)I know that if I fall in a slump that they will help motivate me again and once the mojo starts flowing it just sort of happens! Also forums...Mystical Scrapbooks is really like home to me now..there is always loads of competitions which are great in themselves for motivation..not with the prize in site, but because there is such a wide variety of competitions from sketches to layout requirements etc! ( I'm telling you..if you haven't already run don't walk there and sign up!!)
Also the fact that scrapping has been helping me not smoke right now is a huge motivation for me..and I enjoy the process when my kids wake up in the morning (I tend to scrap at night while they are sleeping)and come straight to the study to see what I have created the night before..that's a huge motivation and enjoyment booster for me.

So speaking of scrapping..I have been scrapping up a storm lately!!
I submitted a layout to Basic Grey for their gallery and they accepted it!!!! Woo Hoo
Yay me! I was so freakin excited!!! and the layout truly is one of my favourites right now!!

Helps that she is so damn beautiful~!
I have loads more layouts to share but will do a collage of them like last time..

Stac, my god it was good to talk to you the other night..I've missed you so much!
And I cannot wait for your princess to arrive so I can see will recieve your little parcel very soon my love!
And I havent forgotten about the giveaway guys..I promise the next few days I will post the running like a chook with its head cut off at the moment!!

Ok gotta run, need to go look at a house...yep might be moving...ugh..more about that in a later post!!
Smooches and hugs
Love Tam


Lis said...

Thanks honey :)
Congrats on the BG acceptance!!

That layout rocks!! Its just gorgeous!

Sara said...

Congrats on the BG acceptance! And so glad that you are enjoying Mystical Scrapbooks for your motivation. The challenges really do help kick it along.

*Southern Beall* said...

Congrats sweetheart!!
And it is a beautiful layout!
And she is way gorgeous! WOW!
I love you lots!!

Terri H said...

Congrats on the acceptance. Loving your header on the blog....gorgeous work!