I'll be missing from here for a bit..well hopefully it's only about a week.
we are moving house and I'm not sure how fast my internet will be up and running..
Quick update for you all!
Puddin chops started walking...:( yes at 10.5months he has decided that he would like to venture in to this part of growing up and he walked behind his little activity trolley.I was shattered nonetheless...crying.."noooooo not my baby" but sadly yes he has decided that this is what he wants to do!
Diva has been having a really hard time at child in particular is really bullying her, but the principal is right on to it and working towards a solution. Breaks me all the same..especially when she is petrified to go to school. On another note though, she is absolutely loving all her dance classes, especially Tap.
Wonder Boy is cruising along as per usual! not much fazes that kid, but the bullying towards his sister has seen a side of him appear that we have not really experienced..he is so angry and so protective of her. I love that he loves her so much.
He has started guitar lessons which he is really enjoying, just once a week on a Saturday but he loves it, picked out his own guitar and all! (I'll post pics soon!)
Stac darlin...I'll be in touch soon, hope that princess is growing nicely! not long now sweetheart! Hope your spunky man is feeling better too.
News on me...well I've been asked to be a guest designer at a couple of websites I visit which is pretty cool, huge confidence boost for me and my work! I'll keep you updated when I know when I'm doing it.
Ok chickadees, gotta run, need to clean and pack some more.
Love Tam


*Southern Beall* said...

Oh God I miss you too!!
Please dont be gone too long. I wont have it! =) Sounds like everyone is doing good. I can't believe the lil man is walking! How bitter sweet. Poor Diva. My heart breaks for her. Give her lots of hugs & kisses for me. And wonder boy playing? wOW! Can't wait to see pics! Hurry back my sweet beautiful friend! *smoochies* love you tons!

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