I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack~!

Not sure how many of you actually missed me! but I am back!....
well the move was dreadful, the weather was stinking hot...Hunk o Spunk had to work the first day of the move so I had to do as much as my car could hold. while still entertaining the puddin!! God awful shit times, but can laugh about them now!!
What's been happening in your world?
Well we have moved! seems so chaotic at the moment but kids are on holidays for a couple of weeks starting Thursday, I'm looking forward to the break as well, the break from the ballet run, jazz run, tap run and the swimming run.
Hunk does the guitar run! LOL.
On the scrapping front, I have been really's a challenge in itself to get all the monthly challenges down at Mystical Scrapbooks but on top of that I have swaps that I am taking part in and and and on exciting news...I am in the middle of making an album for KSK which will be displayed at Paperific this year...
Thinking about heading down there on the Sunday...should be a fabulous day! Might end up going in to sensory overload hehehehe.
I'll post some of my layouts here soon..blogger is being an ass today!!
Stac....cant wait for the next 7 weeks to go you I imagine! cant wait to see pics of your little princess.!
Stay safe chiccas..time for me to wake the babes for school!
Love Tam.


*Southern Beall* said...

My God woman! Don't leave us again. I check everyday but you are still behind. =) I miss you & love you much! I really wish you were here or I was there, doesnt matter which one. I need you. Glad the move is over with. Stop by more often please!

Ngaire said...

Hey there Tam! I am working for Karen on Saturday and Sunday! Hopefully you make the trip down and we can catch up!