Cruisin along....

pretty much sums up my life right now...nothing exciting happening, nothing bad happening...just life....happening!!
I've been busy scrapbooking which I've thoroughly enjoyed..I was getting to a point where I was just scrapping for challenges, covering the criteria and that was it..then I went back to scrapping for me..not really caring whether anyone else thought it was good enough and now I'm loving the layouts Im pumping out...hehe
Wanna see some?? ahhh convinced me
These 2 are for my entry in to the Mystical Masters DT call over at Mystical Scrapbooks..I was really really really happy with how they turned out.

Hopefully I can keep up with the other girls that have entered!!
So my little man is standing for longer periods of time...taking a couple of steps but not a lot, dont think this walking business is for him...have you seen how much weight that kid is packin??? LMAO
Poor little darlin has been fighting an upper respiratory tract infection for about a week, has made him absolutely miserable. Hopefully the antibiotics will make a difference quick smart..
The Diva is doing fantastic with her dancing, loving every minute of it as well...I had a few concerns over the last few weeks about whether it was all getting a little to much and a little to serious for her, but we sat down and had a really good talk about how it is for fun and when it doesnt feel like fun anymore, it's time to stop.
Wonder Boy has hit pre puberty with rapid force...this kid is gonna kill me with his smart mouth and his ever increasing appetite...there is seriously not enough food in the world to fill him!!!
Hunk o spunk is fabulous as always... very stressed about things at work right now, has a few changes to make , things to swap around and paperwork to complete..but mostly pretty good..still as spunky as always!! Totally love this man of mine..
righto chickas..
Off to be supermum for a while...


*Southern Beall* said...

Great LO's hun!
I love that pic of Harrison! Such a pretty pretty boy! Love his eyes. Glad it is smooth sailing for you right now. I love you!

Natasha said...

Tam I love the first layout. the great bright colours. The journaling is beautiful in the second.

You have a good chance in the comp :)

good luck.

tanyaleigh said...

Found your blog through Stuck! Great layouts and good luck with your entry. What a wee cutie you have there and love the title for your daughter...DIVA!!! LOL!