School Holiday fun!

Ok so I'm trying and trying to keep the kids busy for the holidays, no easy feat when its raining outside, so we worked out all our play dates and sleepovers yesterday..good lord, I'll be looking forward to a break LOL..
Diva had her bestest friend sleep over last night, they are so cute together they just seem to retreat in to their own little world..They have been busy crafting wands and tiara's and pictures, and make overs LOL. And wait for it...I sewed LOL now anyone that knows me is fully aware that this part of being a stepfordwife is not my forte I failed at it miserably but I attempted it and made 2 cloth dolls for the girls..they are very shabby, very shabby indeed but the girls love them, I left their faces blank so that they could draw them incredibly cute, they decided that they needed shoes drawn on as well..So without further ado I present Vanessa (that's the name toots chose!) and Molly which is what Diva chose to call hers!

And I've been baking...I got the recipe from Mel Goodsells blog..choc chip cookies..omg people these cookies are to dieeeeeee for! I've already made 3 batches!!

So thats what we've been up to..baking and creating haha!
We have another 2 friends sleeping over Friday night, possibly another friend sunday night and then another one sometime next week..Definately not Wednesday night because I am off to WICKED!! wOO HOO I cannot wait to see this! I was so bummed that I missed Priscilla so was determined that I wasn't going to miss this one!

Oohh I'll show you a page I did for one of my challenges at mystical..Challenge was to create a layout using, fabric, buttons and stitching...And yes I hand stitched the whole darn thing!!

So there you have it..that's what we've been up to of late...Oh and Wends and Lis I havent forgotten about your tag..will do it in the next post!
Later chickas!
T xoxo


Alishia said...

The Dolls Turned out great!

Alice said...

wow you are so clever making those dolls! They look awesome and the names are sooo cute!!!!
Gorgeous page too! I love red and white together!

*Southern Beall* said...

Just touching base. Things are not good here but I wanted to let you know that I am thinkin about you & haven't forgotten about you.