to say I survived!! I survived the holidays!! Woooo Hooooo Score one for me!
Not a lot else to report, been doing a little scrapping but mainly just general day to day life!
The Diva got her ballet exam results, extremly proud of her, she got commended, which I for one think is an amazing achievement, she really has come a long way...At the beginning of term 2 we were still undecided as to whether it was a good idea for her to do it. Her confidence was just so low I really wasn't sure if she would be able to get in there and complete it, but she did and managed to get one point of highly commended...So proud of her.
Wonder Boy is happy to be back at school, we have already been in and spoken to his teacher about getting extra work for at home..he is having a little trouble with maths and seems to be getting quite confused and upset that he doesnt understand it.
So we have some extra worksheets and some tasks to do with him and then we can go from there...
Otherwise they both recieved astounding school reports!
Lil Man..*Sigh* this kid wears me out LOL He seriously is the cutest little spunk put on earth but my god he is example..other morning he comes to my bedroom door holding in each hand an oven tray...little bugger!!Im going to need to bolt everything down and lock everything to keep him safe!
Hunk..well he is quickly going grey! seems to be so stressed about work right now...the receptionist who he hired 2 weeks ago has already resigned..decided it wasn't what she was after, after all...bloody hell!!
Went dress shopping with my sister the other get an idea of what our bridesmaid dresses would be like, well in one visit she found her dream dress and put it on hold, picked the colors for ours and the style and also designed Diva's dress too!! Best I start saving some money now! LOL
That's about it from our little mad house! Stac honey if you read this, please know you are a constant thought and you are in my heart always, hoping you can find some peace and comfort during this time..I love ya sweet.

I'll leave you with some layouts I did for a weekly comp.
I'm Yours...

My BFF and I!

Card for my fortnightly challenge at Mystical

Enjoy your evening..what's left of it,Me? I'm off to bed to snuggle next to my human hot water bottle!
T xoxo


Alice said...

love these Tam!!! I am totally loving your style atm!!! ADORE the first page...might have a go at scrapjacking it!!!! Will keep you posted about how I go lol.
I actually have been a bit unwell...Dad and I have both had a bit of a stomach bug and are now just left with colds. No fun at all :(


*Southern Beall* said...

Thanks Tam. You mean the world to me. Big update coming very soon now that we have internet at the new house. I love you.

Alice said...

Hey Tam!! congrats on winning my RAK!
I got your email...but accidently deleted it lol, so could you possibly email me your details again so I can send you your package?
Sorry about this!