Do you ever have a day where you sit back and realise how very lucky you truly are?
Not for materialistic things or money or anything like that, but for the little things?
The fact that you are loved? or the fact that something made you smile? or you have a roof over your head? food in your stomach??
Today I was once again reminded how very lucky I am..I adore scrapbooking, I love everything about it, from the paper to the embellishments, but my pure joy comes from the friends I have made from this craft. And I have made some life long ones indeed...and almost of all these women with the exception of Lis I have never met (hope you're feeling better honey).
I recieved a package the other day, I opened it, and promptly burst in to of these beautiful women that I am honoured to call my friend..Dee made the most beautiful gift for Harrison, an altered letter H and a mini album hanging of the bottom..I took pics to share with you, but they truly don't do it is just divine..I love the fact that she made this for my little man, that she managed to capture how incredibly precious he is to me without having never met me.
Dee I just love it, I cannot thank you enough for it and it's so precious to us.
dee and I have the most wonderful talks...I really look forward to chatting with her, she makes me laugh constantly and I truly do class her as one of my closest friends now.

I want to tell you about another funky chick I have met through scrapbooking...Rachy..she is seriously one groovy chick...funny as hell..check out her blog. The diva recieved a congratulations card from her and her DD today for doing her ballet exam..I was so touched that she took the time to think of my girl and make her a card..She brightened her day ten fold today, and hence forth the card has been declared a national treasure from the Diva and has been carted around everywhere..LOL..Thanks a bunch for making it for her rock!
Are you sick of the soppy stuff yet?? LOL ok on to other matters!!
I am determined that I will teach myself how to sew..I have a bloody good sewing machine here and I am determined it will not beat me! I will sew something good god damn it yesterday Im faffing around on the net and clicked on Mel Goodsells blog..I adore reading her blog..she makes the most beautiful things and saw that she had made these pencil holder notebook cover thingys!And I thought..I can do that..bugger it I will do it..even if it takes me all day...well I did it!! I made them!! I am pretty impressed with them, and am going to follow suit of Mel and make some for birthday presents! So without further ado...the notebook pencil holder thingys.

the kidlets think they are fab, so thats all that matters right??
Righto chickas I'm off...
T xoxo


Rachy said...

Im sooooooo glad Diva got her card... was my pleasure!
How gorgeous is that H & album... man Dee rocks!
And my friend... you are one pretty funky rockin awsome sheila yourself lol... loving your pencils notebook holder thingys!

Lis said...

You sewwed!!! Wooohooo you rock honey, they are devine, so proud of you!!

Alishia said...

That H Is adorable, so nice to have such good friends!
And Well done for sewing, they look pretty funky!!!
Chat Soon!

Dee said...

Honey I'm sooooo glad you loved your "H"...I had a blast making it! You're one awesome friend too....loves ya!

kirstypiper said...

Gorgeous Mail goodies! Love the pencil notebook holder thingy...very clever!

Melissa Goodsell said...

First of all I love your mini album, it's just beautiful!!
It was really lovely to read that you made some of the pencil/notepad holders after seeing them on my blog, that's so sweet. Yours look fabulous! My daugher has been to two parties now where we've given the holder as a gift and the birthday girls have loved it. I just bought some cute cupcake fabric from spotlight to make a few more,

Boo said...

Oooooooh pretty things.

Jane Ettia Jones said...

wow tam the harrison album is just fantastic and i so love the notebook holders wow gorgeous

Wendy said...

gorgeous book covers and I love the monogram and mini album...whoo hoo WTG Tam