She Rises.....

from the germ infested bedroom...I'm not back 100% full steam but I'm getting there..I still don't feel "normal" by any stretch of the imagination but like I said I am slowly getting there..
I am so far behind of my scrapping duties, I haven't scrapped for almost TWO WEEKS...I am craaaaaving to scrap..I just completed my layout for Stuck?! and I seriously it possible to forget how to scrap in 2 weeks? god I hope not...LOL
I was chatting to my girl Dee the other night and she mentioned that Mel Goodsell was having a gratitude swap on her blog..without sounding like a crazed groupie, I seriously love reading Mel's blog, she,.. I dunno..she inspires me to make stuff, try stuff, chill with my kids..It's just a really calming blog to read..any hoo I speed raced over there to sign up...YAYYYYYYY I got in before the cut off!! I was so excited when I got my email about my swap partner..I'm off to the fabric shop tomorrow! :) Now..I'm not the best seamstress but I's the thought that counts right?
While I was sick and didn't really feel like doing much at nothing at all...I slept, drank water, slept and occassionally stared at the computer which I surfed some blogs...
These 2 in particular I love right now...Mel C love her style of scrapping..
and then stumbled across this one as well, I had been admiring her work when I discovered she had a blog!! Her name is Ingvild Bolme and her work takes my breath away. Check out her blog here!
I know I know, another post without pics of any layouts...soon Stac!
Righto groovers and shakers,
I'm off to bed..this Nana can't handle the lurgy she's got..its taking its toll I tell ya!

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Stacia Howard said...

Im back!! I have missed you like crazy!!