anybody out there??
OMG I didnt realise it had been 4 weeks since I blogged!! After a gentle reminder ok a bloody big shove from Dee here I am!!
It's been a while so bear with me as it may just be a dot point post!!!
Wicked Princesses:
* Can I just say I am loving my new venture with Karen, it's so incredibly exciting to me to be able to start this journey! Our kits have been well recieved by the public which has been so great...can only get better from here!
*We have just appointed an incredible Design team! The applications we had were so incredibly amazing...truly was a hard job picking them..there wasnt one bad application out of all of them we recieved. Our new design team consists of:
Lu Benson
Marni Telford
Melissa Corbett
Nicole Aspinall
Sara Noendeng
Karin Kreijen
Malin Dahlstrom

Also our new website has gone live!! Check it out Wicked Princesses
gallery to help your mojo, secure shopping cart to protect your purchases and awesome kits to blow you away.!!

Scrapping Retreat...
*5 more sleeps and I get to spend a weekend with some fab friends I have made over the last 12 months!! Then a few of them are coming back here to stay Sunday night before flying home on the I excited??? Hell yeah!!! Not sure how much scrapping will be done but Im sure there will be lots of laughs! And plenty of pics taken for scrapping :)

The Fam :)
Well the kids have just gone back to school after finishing holidays, we took them camping to Echuca for a week and they had a ball., the weather was fab to us! they swam and fished and played, awesome week for them! I even have a tan line on my feet!! Hunk o spunk had an extra week off when we came home, he is headed back to work this week, I'm actually gonna miss's been nice having him around! He works so long hours and some nights he comes home and is just buggered...
these last two weeks have been great for him to just rest and breathe and enjoy life a little..we actually were sitting chatting the other night about how incredibly busy our life is and how we just dont take time to stop and breathe and make time for us...we are always at a party, seeing someone, working, etc the list goes on...never a time just for us to just sit and be with each other. every weekend now until decemeber I think we have something on...I'm tired already! LOL

This weekend we had a friend visit from Melb and we took the kids and her kids to Sovereign Hill, we had the best day, we looked at the old shops and then we all panned for gold...truly had a great day! really need more days like that!!

I have so much else I could write, but then well this could become a instead I'll post some pics :)

Smooches to you groovers!
T xoxox


kayla renee macaulay said...

hey tam
YAY you blogged.
Those pics are fantastic, looks like you had a great time away.

5 days YAY!!!
can't wait to meet ya! :)

KR. x

Wendy Smith said...


thought you ahd forgotten your blogger password...LOL

Nice to ahve a catch up

Stacia Howard said...

Hey babe!
I hadn't see the pic of Scott but WOW! What a hunk for sure! And I LOVE the pic of y'all! So cute! The babes are beautiful as ever & I still can't get over the wonder boy there, he looks so old! Love you! WOrking on your swap any?