Mammoth Post..

actually one of epic proportions...well probably more a photo overload!!
Well I had the Mystical Scrapbooks retreat last weekend. I had truly the most fabulous weekend, I havent laughed that much in such a long time!!!
So you ready for some pics??
First up my fellow Wicked Princess Karen...

Wendy & I.."Leuitenant Dan...I can't feel my legs.."

Susan & I..

Sara & I..

Cupcake aka Dee & I..

Give me it you go Wends..just for you ;)

Our group shot
Kazz, Dee, Sues, Me, Sara & Wends

Full Group Shot with everyone but Tamara..she was taking the pic :)

Tamara & I...

Kayla & I..Yes thanks for the warning makeup, hair still wet, looking oh so glam...NOT!

Sunset Sat night taken from our deck :)

So there you have it...believe it or not we all actually did scrap at least something over the weekend, but the laughs far outweighed that...I miss you girls already :( So looking forward to next year, need to get on to organising that asap!!!
Loving you girls sick!


kayla renee macaulay said...

me is having a cry

missing you so much

*big squishy hugs*

Kayla Renee

Wendy Smith said...

Gee we are gorgeous...totally rocking meeting you

but thankfully " i can feel my legs now"

Stacia Howard said...

Beautiful! Hope you are well!

Anonymous said...

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