Here I am!

Yes I know Bad Blogger...
But I have an life has been crazy busy and well blogging was the last thing on my list of priorities!! So whats been happening since last entry.. well the food issues with Diva are still going on, not as severe, but they are still there :( Her school counsellor has been incredibly amazing, to say Thankyou to her just doesnt seem enough.. she seems to have this thing with Diva that just makes her feel she can tell her anything... We did find out that she is being bullied, quite badly apparently, which just breaks me :( this little ass and yes Im allowed to use that word, my compassion level for him has run out, I dont care what his home life is like, I dont care what his "issues" are..when you pick up a chair and try to push it in my girls face, or you put your hands on her...this mama bear gets a whole lotta pissy and wants to go postal on someones ass..
So we went to the school and spoke to teacher, principal, counsellor the 3 ring circus really..and so far so good..we are getting results, we are seeing her come out of school happier..which is the most important thing,..she loves school, she loves to learn, yes actually thrives on it! so it was so sad to see her coming out in tears...but we are moving forward and sorting it.
So what else has been happening...well, she had her ballet recital on the weekend...3 dances in total she did and well yes Im biased but oh she is gorgeous! she did tap, a jazz ballet one to Rio which was gorgeous, and she was a munchkin from the Wizard of Oz for her classical ballet..she had such a great night, but was so exhausted by the end of it! Her biggest fan was watching...her big brother..Wonder Boy proudly declares to anyone that will iisten..."thats my sister in that dance". "thats my sisters name in the program" melts me I tell ya. Heres a couple of pics of her!

I can't post the others yet cos I dont have the permission from the other mummies to post them.
Wonder Boy is going fab with his guitar lessons, was so proud of himself the other day, he played the Pink Panther by himself! Guitar has been great for his hand eye co-ordination which has always been something he has been delayed in, so this is great for him. He is also completely loving swimming, working his way towards being on the swim squad so thats going to be a big achievement for him, and a killer on my purse LOL!! He is looking forward to the Christmas holidays, hes actually quite tired this term, but it is getting towards the end of the year so its to be expected I guess.
Lil Man, he is a funny kid, everyday he cracks us up with something new he is doing, he gets so incredibly excited when the kids come home from school..he claps his hands and says Yay in the cutest voice! How cute is this pic?? I'm using this one on our christmas cards this year :)

Speaking of cards/crafting/scrapping.Im trying soo hard to be crafty at the moment...but honestly the days are flying past..Im doubtful Im going to get everything done that I want...and some people..well I think they assume that because Im a stay at home mum I dont particulary do anything...hmmm come spend a day in my life.grrr but thats a whole other post..I can show you some sewing that Ive done though :)
these are some fabric baskets for the teachers gifts..Im going to put malteasers, jaffas, popcorn etc and some movie tickets in them to make a movie bucket for christmas gifts..I got the idea from Mel's blog :)

Speaking of you have your tree up? we do! Have had for a week or so...yes Im a blasphemer and am going straight to hell for putting it up before Dec 1st..ok who am I kidding? Im going to be running hell!! bwahahahaha I'll save ya's a seat!
This year hunk and I went for Red and White and the kids went their usual bright colors. I love how they turned out, and I adore my gorgeous owls that my girl made me..lovin ya sick!

Ok that's all ya getting from me today LOL I've gotta do some work :)
Stac if you read this..I miss you honey..not a little not a lot a huge amount...and because you're doing thankful posts here's a quick one from me to you...
I'm thankful that we are friends, I'm thankful that you entered my and I have always had a fabulous fun you gorgeous girl :)...
Chat soon groovers..I'll be back soon with some layouts hopefully...what do they say? Go hard or go home...yep December I'll be going hard haha


Lis said...

Lisa says:
1. she looks gorgeous love her eyemakeup
Lisa says:
2. love the pic of her and scott
Lisa says:
3. pull a USA stunt and email the bully pricks parents...then kick his ass
Lisa says:
4. omg H is growing up so quickly
Lisa says:
5. OMG!!!!!!!!!! you sewwed again! lol love the baskets
6. those owls are just too darn cute...

and yes i know i just told you all this in msg, but hey everyone loves to get comments :)

Dee said...

Thought you'd fallen off the face of the earth!

Loving all the piccies, and Lis is right, Diva's eye makeup is fantastic!

Missing you!!!

Tanya said...

wow - two christmas trees hey? LOVE them both!! And loving those red and white owls, how sweet!!!

I can't see your other pics though?? for some strange reason....

Stacia Howard said...

OMG! Great pics! You have such a beautiful family! Loving that one of her & her Daddy! So sweet!
Glad that yall have gotten to the bottom of things & please give him a good swift kick in the ass for me too! Sick I tell ya. I hope it gets worked out totally very soon, she is such a beauty. I hate she has to go through this.
And I too am so very thankful for you my sweet friend. I love you more than you know!
LOVE the trees! The owls are to die for!

Wendy Smith said...

wow...your xmas tress and cute are your kids

kayla renee macaulay said...


I hope that you had a fabulous day...

and...UPDATE your blog.


KR. x

Stacia Howard said...

Where are you??