Helloooooo 2009

I survived 2008!! haha no it wasnt really that bad, just the last couple of months!
So its probably about time I updated my poor neglected blog, it's been a while!
I'll do my best to give a run down!
Christmas 2008
The lead up to it was madness, I got sick with tonsillitis again, so that took the better part of 2 weeks to get over and then then fully feel like myself about a month of recovery! It couldnt have happened at a worse time, Kaz and I were busy trying to organised Wicked Princesses and finalise the last of the orders for 2008, lucky I have a fab business partner to take care of things! But it did put me so behind with my shopping and crafting, quite annoying actually!
There were a few little christmas traditions in our house that got put on the back burner for christmas which made me sad but such is life and it was out of my control.

Christmas Day saw us up at 5.30am, yes you read right, 5 freaking 30!! Hunk and I had only got to bed at 2.30, madness I tell you. We are such mean parents and made them wait till a bit later and for lil man to wake up, in the end we woke him at 7 so that they could start opening their presents...yup take a look at this pic, he is soooo pissed off that we woke him!!

but once he figured out that the there were presents he was more into it!!

Santa delivered the goods this year, squeals of delight about their DS's and lil mans bike, was so cute!! Santa was also good to the family this year bringing a Nintendo Wii and Wii Fit Mat..yes I will admit..I have a new addiction haha but in my defence I have lost .7kg from using it!!!
Lunch saw us at my mum and dads for a quiet one, mum, dad, me, hunk, the 3 kids and a dear family friend. Our meal consisted of prwns with dipping sauce, prawn and baby beet salad with lemon aioli dressing, prawn and mango salad, smoked salmon atop cream cheese with chive on top of mini pancakes, they were sooo good, Harrison devoured the salmon off of at least half of them!!!
Nice relaxing afternoon then my sisa and her fiancee and his family came for tea, was loud, chaotic but it was fabulous, just the way christmas should be! I really do love the whole notion of christmas,the togetherness that comes with it.
Couple more pics from the day..

Boxing Day was nice and quiet, friends over for lunch and drinks as well as my sis and BIL and the boys, was good for the kids to have a play and the adults to play the Wii hahaha..
My gorgeous hubby organised a little party for my birthday! few of my girlfriends came over for a lunchtime party with all the party food to boot! fairy cakes, hot dogs, fairy bread, chocolate crackles haha I loved it! was good to see them too.
NYE saw us at my besties house for the night, double celebration, New Years and her birthday! we had a great night, just relaxing and chatting and catching up with friends, bbq for tea and a few drinks, loved it!
New Years Day was my mum's birthday so off to see her for the night and have tea with her and give her presents to her!
It kinda feels like we are just as busy as we were before christmas!!! its quite crazy actually!!
The kids are enjoying the holidays, where we live in the court we are surrounded by kids around the same age as ours, and its so great to see them all out in the court rollerblading or laying on the grass drawing, reminds me of my childhood and summer days, soon as the street lights come on and it starts to darken they come home!
The parents love it too! we sat in one of the driveways yesterday afternoon having a few cold ones, and a platter of cheese and bikkies!!
I actually got some scrapping done too! would you believe it!! 2 of the challenges that Mystical Scrapbooks have running at the moment!!

Hoping to get some more scrapping done today..will see how I go!
Ok Im off, need to get organised. It's my nephews party tonight! so have a few things to do before we go to that...
chat soon

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Kirsty said...

Looks like you had a fun day! Hope that your 2009 is FABULOUS!!!