Bye summer holidays :(

So the kids go back to school tomorrow and honestly I am a little bit down about it...we really have had the best holidays together just playing and spending time together. Since we have moved in to this house they have made the most wonderful friends from the court and spend nearly all day and evening playing out the front on their bikes and scooters...but all good things must come to an end!! Ok ok I'll be sad until I drive out the school carpark! LMAO...
We have had absolutely stinking weather here...I normally can cope with the heat but OMG when its still 43 at 9pm at night, Im about ready to climb in the freezer to try and cool myself down..we've kept cool in various ways, air coolers going at home, which when its that hot they kinda dont really do a lot, the kids have a little mini blow up pool which I went and brought the day it was 43..we are on strict water restrictions here and I know I shouldn't have got it but honestly it was the best $45dollars I have spent in a long time,.Lil Man loved it, the relief he got from it was amazing!! Then we went to the local pool and just stayed in the pool for I dont normally put this body in scary for everyone involved..but I was at the point where I didnt bloody care!! I'm also banning myself from sunscreen, after applying and constantly reapplying Im burnt to a freakin crisp!!!! and it's soooooo sore. Ok sook over. here's some pics of the skidlets..

Seriously love my kiddos!
Hunk hasnt been doing so good lately :( the friday night before Australia day, he was laying on the floor watching TV and went to get up and started yelling out in agony..I helped him up and half carried him to the shower to get him in a hot shower to try ease up the tightness in his back, we thought he had pulled a muscle or something..put him in bed, get a heat pack and some nurofen and hope he will be better in the morning,.I didnt sleep all night, I was terrified he was going to have a heart attack..he was a shade of grey that only dead people should have :( he was in so much pain. Sat morning he wakes up, thinks he is ok goes to get out of bed and literally cannot move, cannot lift his leg to move it, nothing...ok insert freaking out here..yup he has obviously done something I manage to get him to kinda crawl to the car and in it, get to the hospital and get him in a wheelchair and they take him in, give him 2 panadeine forte, 2 tramadol and some kick ass injection in his arm and hope that the pain starts to ease...take him off for an xray to see if there are any breaks or fractures..poor hun was in absolute agony he actually started to tear up :( that broke me, this man is my rock, my strength and here he is in agony and I cant do a bloody thing. 4 hours later the pain killers have seemed to have kicked in and he is a little more mobile, very slow in movements but a bit we head off home with more painkillers, a sheet on sciatica cos they couldnt find any breaks or fractures and they tell us that if the head honcho finds any abnormalities they would ring, but seeing as though Monday is a public holiday it would be tuesday..yep thursday morning he decides he will go back to work, gone for an hour and the hospital rings me, puts me in a panic and tells me they need him to come back for a ct scan immediately. Off he goes again, has a ct scan and the results come back..he has a prolapsed disc and they also found spinabifida as well. At this stage Im not sure what this means, I dont know if its degenerative or what, we have an appointment with our dr on tuesday and have a ton of questions for him. At this point I'm worried, confused and scared.. honestly we make a fabulous team and deal with whatever is put in our way but I am worried this time, could be for nothing but he is my hunk, my rock..he is.....mine :( so all good thoughts would be so great right now.
Through all this we still managed to have our Australia Day BBQ and had a fabulous time!!

Now on to other matters at hand! Lis has tagged me so here's how it works..
1. Go to the section of your computer where you store all of your photos.
2. Select the 6th folder.
3. Select the 6th photo.
4. Post and explain about that picture.
5. tag 6 other people.....

I love this pic of Harrison, I took it a couple of weeks ago. We were out the front and the kids were playing on their bikes, the neighbours kids came out too, and Harrison adores their youngest son, he is 6 and has this 3 wheeler road machine thingy, he peddles his heart out and then spins the back end out..Lil Man thinks he is so cool and quite often says YAY when he does it LOL this pic shows Harrison imitating his hero!!
So now I need to tag 6 others..hmmm
Have fun!
Chat soon groovers
T xoxox


Lis said...

Hugs honey, just remember what we talked about, and know that both John and I are here for you :)

Love the photos of the kiddies, they are all growing so much!

Kirsty said...

Oh man, your poor hubby!!!! OW!
I love your pic:-)

Tiff Sawyer said...

Love your blog, it's so bright and colourful, Tiff :o)