Lookie here.....

my beautiful beautiful nephew started Kinder this week!!!
Isn't he just divine??? Now before you all go hoo harring over is he your favourite? No he isnt...I ADORE both my nephews, and when I say ADORE I really do mean adore...they melt me, seriously the way they speak to me and the little things they do just melt me...Here I'll give you examples...
Rockstar...he is the eldest and oh so handsome..he has these eyes that just bore right through you, they make your heart flutter and fall in love with him every time you look at him...He is my sister's first born, when she told me she was pregnant, I was a little apprehensive, yes even then I didnt like the thing she was seeing...I love her with every part of my being, and knew in my heart of hearts she was making a mistake but it was her mistake to be made...anyhoo I digress...when she said she was pregnant..the big sister in me was horrified...omg what is she thinking..then the other big sister in me went OMG I am going to be an baby sister is having a baby...I was already in love...I knew be it boy or girl that I was to have the most wonderful Auntie relationship with this babe...much to the things disgust...he was so opposed to it from day one. I wasnt allowed to buy things for him, I wasnt allowed to be giving him presents...but as soppy as it sounds he couldn't refuse me loving him...I was there when he was born, after mum I got to hold him and he just stared at me..right then and there I knew that I was going to have a wonderful relationship, and friendship with this incredible amazing little man. So he started kinder this week...and I know Im not his mum but my heart hurt a little rockstar, bissaman, spunky man is growing up, and if I whisper it quietly it wont sound so pathetic...but right now he thinks I am the bees knees...he truly does love me..what if it changes as he gets older? what if it isn't cool to have a close relationship with your aunty? I guess for now I'll take it..and hope that it lasts forever, I completely cherish what I have with him.

Peanut...isnt he beautiful? he reminds me so much of his mama when she was little...and honestly? I adored her still do, she infuriates the hell out of me some days now but I still adore her..I thought she was the most beautiful thing ever when she was little, had this most beautiful blonde hair you had ever seen, she was just so damn pretty to look at, wicked wicked child but beautiful all the same!! I was there the night peanut was born too...and history repeated itself..I got one of the first cuddles of this precious bundle...he is quite besotted with his uncle and the feeling is mutual Hunk thinks he is the cutest thing...and the way he talks..I so wish I could record it and put it on here..particulary the way he says just is the most adorable sweetest thing ever, accentuating on the butt bit...I adore it..the both call me Aunty Flash, yes the result of flashing a camera in their face every opportunity I get hehehe...but when peanut says flash, he says it and then there is this little grin afterwards...he too loves me!! loves me to bits..
I know I sound self righteous and self centred when I say they love me, but honestly with these two little boys when they love you, you know can almost see it coming out of their skin and you really truly know it.
To say I feel blessed that they are in my life is an understatement, grateful, blessed, honoured you name to my baby sister....thankyou doesnt seem enough for giving me the most beautiful wonderful nephews!

Footnote- They are not the most flawless children ever created,,and they have both inherited their mothers temper, quick wit and the ability to go from start of tantrum to meltdown mode in approx 3.4 seconds..but they are my nephews who do that and doesnt make me love them any less, just makes them who they are.
Footnote 2-Sisa I'd really really really love another nephew or even a niece after you get married in Oct to someone who truly knows how to love you for who you are and can off you the happiness you so truly deserve..something the thing never could.


Toni said...

Hi Tam -- stopped by your blog cos I wa so intrigued by the name LOL -- loved reading all the little bits of life and your nephews certainly are gorgeous.
My nephew is 16 and he still loves his auntie -- yours will too.


Ness said...

You have the ,ost beautiful Family Tam ! I love reading about you guys! Hoping that your Hunk is better ?? and There is nothing to serious to worry about .. glad you have found a wonderful place to live with wonderful neighbours! xo

Kirsty said...

They are GORGEOUS!!! What lucky kidlets to have such a lovely aunty:-)

kayla renee macaulay said... cute.

Thanks for the comment on my bloggy. Still losing it :)


Cookie Aguilar said...

hi tam!!! how are you!!! wow love reading your blog and the photos of you kiddos are so cute!!! catch you sometime!!