Bad bad blogger...

Hi there...*waving hand cautiously in the air*
I'm still here, just been a bad bad blogger...see Lis I told you I would update!!
Whats been happening around these parts...hmm a lot but a little if that makes sense..I've been a little unwell and spent the good part of 5 days in hospital which wasnt pleasant but not something I had a choice in..we seem to have things under control for the most part for now..thank goodness..
Things have been going along ok with diva, we are working on a lot of new things for her which seem to be a positive step in the right direction, some days I just need a whole lot more strength to deal with it than what I have..but you just deal and keep going. Both her and Wonder boy got amazing reports...I'm so incredibly proud of them and their effort they put in to their school work, they both thrive on learning which I think is half the battle to be honest. Lil man is cruising along, letting all those in his path know that he is now 2 and can fip on a dime and throw the mother of all tantrums!! We are thinking its nearly time to put him in a bed, he seems to be getting taller by the minute!!!!
The other news is that I scrapped!!!!!!! Yes enter the angels singing..the girl scrapped!!! I made a point of taking time for me! God I loved it, felt so good to be doing it again..and guess what? I took pics to show on here!! uh huh nod your heads I am back!!

The first two are older ones that I don't think Ive shared on here. The last one I did yesterday and I really love how it turned out...I've had the paper sitting there for a while and what better way to ignore the miserable winter weather than to work on a summer layout!!!
I also have a couple of things to share that Ive been working on for Diva's room one I need to finish off today so I'll be back later to share them.
On that note I'm off to scrap again, I'll send the ambulance around now to resucitate you all from dying from shock!
Ciao bella!


Lis said...

Well about darn time woman :P
Any bets its almost as long before the next update ? lol

Gorgeous pages, love your style.

Tanya said...

Great to see some of your work Tam! Gorgeous pages here!

Stacia Howard said...

Love 'em! Love you!

P.S. Miss Diva is just drop dead beautiful! MY GOD! Scott is in MAJOR trouble! MAJOR!