Sunshine & Lollipops

as promised!
This post might get a little picture heavy!! I have a couple of things to share!!
So at the moment, we have a sick house, all 3 of my babes are unwell, colds, body aches, and my poor lil man's face is completely covered in eczema, it looks terrible and must be so sore :( I've just ordered some goats milk soap to see whether that can make a difference because I'm at my wits end about it to be honest!
Despite the sickness that was looming, the kids had their Book Parade at school this week, and I'm so rapt to say I made their costumes, yup from scratch! Me, whose really only used my sewing machine to sew on my scrapping layouts!!!! Zac went as the Wizard from and Emily Rhodda book and Pixie went as the Red Queeen!

Really am so pleased with how they turned out!
I've been doing a little scrapping to, so glad to be back in to it, really not sure why I stopped but it's a good escape from the rest of the world!!
These layouts were the final two August Sketches at Wicked Princesses
love how both of these turned out :)

And finally, my gorgeous hubby, a couple of weeks ago told me he had a surprise for me...he knew I'd been drooling over Jodi's stuff for ages, so sat me down and told me to choose a design, email her and order it!!! *squuuuuuuuuueal*
this is what she created for me, I absolutely love it, she is so so clever and her stuff is amazing, check her out on facebook, her group is called Tildys.

will definately be back there shopping for some christmas gifts I'm thinking!!!

chat soon xo

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Sara said...

Kenz looks amazing! You did so well with the costume.
And YAY for scrapping, they are looking fabulous!
Woohoo for a necklace from Tildy's, I have been eyeing one off as well.