A lovingly poke

from the gorgeous Kirsty to get me to blog again! LOL
So here I am, I actually didn't think anyone really read my drivel hehe

As you can see I wasn't very successful with the 30 days bizo so will give it another crack soon!
Life has been crazy busy around here, as always, and even more so now that we are gearing up for the silly season which is really already upon us :/ eeek!!
We have very few days left that are actually free between now and christmas day then it starts all over again for New Years!
So whats been happening...
* dance rehearsals and more dance rehearsals for Diva, she had her performance last night and looked fabulous as always, I really enjoy working backstage and helping out :)
* hospital stay and an op for my little man, he had his tonsils out and adenoids done and has been an absolute little trooper through it all!
* Wonder boy dropped the Santa bomb :( he knows he isn't real, absolutely shattered me!!! So we've had the talk about how big a secret it is and he cannot ruin the magic for the two younger ones or I'll be like a woman possessed and kicking his butt!!
* I haven't scrapped for WEEKS and I'm kinda wondering when the blooming hell Im ever going to get time to again :/ someone please stop the world I wanna get off!

Time to go put more washing on, then vacumn and get the baking done for the week..
I promise I'll be back very very soon!

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