here I am again lol :D Miss me??
To much has happened it's been busy busy round these parts so dot points might be easier lol
*Christmas was chaotic, wonderful, crazy everything I love, unfortunately Wonder Boy doesn't believe in the man in the red suit anymore :( so that broke my heart and his a little I think..but he feels oh so grown up sharing the big peoples secret!!
*New Years Eve was here :) two barrel slushie machine, vodka one side, tequila the other..lots of laughs, drinks, terrible photos taken..fabulous night actually!!!
*We then headed off to the beach for a week of R& those women on Sex & The City wearing big kaftans, and stuck under umbrellas are on to something..I had sunscreen on and still managed to get incredibly burnt, blistering burnt actually..:(
*The floods in QLD had me glued to my TV for hours and saw me shedding many a tear for them all, so I put the call out to every person i could for donations that I could send to a gorgeous lady Im dying to meet in May! Every little bit helps and these people were left with nothing :(
*More flooding here in Vic :( more tears, more lack of sleep, and more donations sought..Im so proud to be able to say I have surrounded myself with some pretty damn awesome people who really dig deep, Im also incredibly bloody proud to be and Aussie too!!
*School holidays...tomorrow they go back!!!!!!!! I hangin on by my fingernails lol I neeeeeeeeeed them to go back...this mumma's done with the fighting, bickering, lack of routine LOL
*Scrapping...I have TWO retreats coming up this year!! Yup TWO!!! First one is for Wicked Princesses in May, so looking forward to being able to finally meet everyone, Im flying up with Kazz :) can't wait to catch up with her again, talking on the computer nearly everyday just isnt the same :( plus I get to see Lisa and some of the other QLD girls!! It's been about 4 years since I saw Lis! The other retreat...think Thelma and Louise style...hehehe Kazz and I are roadtrippin it for the Scrapbook Savvy retreat!! Sooo looking forward to it!
I think that's bout it peeps! I have 2 layouts to show but that's all Ive done so far this get on to some more :) The first one was for a challenge Krissy set at WP but I didnt get it uploaded in time :) The second one I based on a sketch and Savvy, again didnt get it uploaded in time...can anyone say Routine is needed in this house???????/ bring on school LMAO!



Karen said...

Sooo glad to see you blogging !!! I love both of your creations, particularly the first one. Gorgeous pic of you and your spunk :)

Bring on the road trip - can't wait for it !!!

donna said...

I cant wait to me you too! And I will see you at both retreats! yahooooo!
I love your layouts honey! now the kids are back to school you can do some more xxxx