That's one word to describe my weekend! I flew to QLD with one of my favourite people on the planet Kazz :) and we spent the weekend at the Wicked Princesses Retreat...awesome weekend :) I think I managed about 9 hours sleep for 3 days, by god did I feel it by Sunday night!!!
I'd been counting down the days till the retreat there was a few people I'd been dying to meet..I needed to meet the beautiful wonderful Princess Krissy, seriously peeps, if you havent met her she is one of the sweetest people on the planet and her mum melts me, so so gorgeous, they are such a wonderful family.
I also got to meet Donna, she is everything I thought she would be and more :) I loves her! It still amazes me that you can meet someone online and instantly click with them and then to meet them IRL just cements that yep you really are friend not just online chat buddies. I also got to meet so many other gorgeous ladies..Cathy, Lisa,Nadine,Leah, Lisa, Barb, Kate, Donna the list goes on and on!!!
I'm definately going again next year for sure :)
Kazz and I are off on another retreat I think in about 12 weeks or so..road trippin it Thelma and Louise style!! well without the driving off a cliff business LOL I get to see Donna again at this one too! (Yes honey I love you bunny boiler style!)

In other news, weather is turning typically bitterly cold here and with that comes colds and sniffles, already my little man has had croup quite bad and just seems to be taking so long to be turning the corner and getting on the mend..Thankfully the other two are ok for the minute...touch wood..Scott and I have both had it but only lasted for a few days at the most :)

Lastly here's some scrappy shares :) I haven't photographed my layouts I did at the retreat yet but will do that asap! Thanks for stopping by :) I'd love to come comment on blogs but unfortunately blogger is being an ass and wont let me comment for some reason! weird huh!

See you all soon


Lisa K said...

It was WICKED to meet you.

I think I am more tired now than I was for the entire weekend!
Oh well, thats life!!

donna said...

it was great to meet you too! and I hope these 12 weeks go fast! loves you too mwah!

HarmonySweetpea said...

Loving these layouts Tam xo

Kate said...

loved meeting you Tam, you are so addictive! and very creative! xo