Aren't Dreams Funny?

Dreams are funny things aren't they? I mean we can dream all sorts of things, and then there are nights where we dont dream at all or at least to our knowledge we dont because we dont remember them when we wake up!
Take the other week for instance, I dreamt about a very good friend of mine-yes it was a female! And yes it was quite an explicit dream !!!!! Which disturbed me a little, I mean I have never been "into" females so needless to say we I woke up I was a little freaked out about it!!
So I casually mention to her that I had a dream about her and she preceeds to ask the details about it. We chat about it and she thinks its a great joke, informs her partner and they have a lovely little giggle at my expense! So now it has grown to my husband knowing as well so the 3 of them thinks its great to have little digs at me like "sweet dreams tonight!" "Think of me as you go to sleep!" So now I have concluded that I will no longer be telling them if I have any more of those dreams again! And I hope to God I dont!!
But then we have dreams that make no sense at all and are just in bits and pieces, no rhyme or reason to them whatsoever. Go figure!!
Maybe I just need to go to sleep earlier and then I wont have such weird ass dreams, that either A-Freak me out or B-Make no sense at all!!
So thats the challenge I'm setting myself this week to aim to be in bed at a reasonable time and go to sleep at a reasonable time. And I figure to do that I need to either go to bed before my DH or put them baby making plans on hold for a week while I try and get some sleep!!!!!!
Easier said than done LOL!!!


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Tam said...

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