Some times things are just crap. :(

Well I have had a crappy crap day, two of my dearest friends had their regular Pap smear tests and both of them ended up having to have a biopsy. One of them has high grade cancer cells which will either need to be lasered off or she will end up having a hysterectomy. What a crap outcome. I mean I know that this is the better option and all other than cancer but I mean hell it makes me so sad to think about it. Then my other friend phones me and tells me she needs to go and get hers lasered off. What the hell is going on? 2 of my friends have this and I feel so damn helpless to them. I smile at them and tell them its going to be ok and then no sooner have they left and I think about them and the tears start.
I just hell I dont even know what I want to say, my heart feels so heavy for them both and for their families. I do know that they are going to be ok though, its just the process of getting there that sucks the most.

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