Bring on the excitement....

I am craving some excitement in my life right now, god that sounds so selfish, I have a great life, but I need more at the moment. Not just something little but a whole lotta heart racing excitement, the kind that most people gasp at. Something naughty, something mischevious!!!! LOL.
Yep, right like thats ever gonna happen!!!! I honestly feel like sometimes I am one of the bloody Stepford wives!! I read that on a thread on a message board I frequent and everything she said was true, I hate that I have put myself in this mould, I am so predictable, everyone knows my routine, where I will be at what time, what I will be doing BLAH BLAH BLAH.
On some days I feel like I am suffocating, and need to conform to this particular way of life, but who makes the rules anyway, why do we have to do it? is it pressure we put on ourselves to be great mothers, great wives, what is it that makes us do it? and how do we change it?
How in the world can we be more spontaneous when we are too concerned with how people percieve us, or whether we are letting someone down? How we behave is meant to be a reflection on us, does that make me even close to perfect? I doubt it!!! LOL
But I can guarantee that if we did something out of the norm we would be labelled irresponsible, wreckless, the list could go on and on!!
So now I am on the hunt for something exciting to do/achieve as long as I can share the excitement with my DH and it will after to be once the kids are in bed or staying over at their nannys house, wouldnt want to set a bad example for them, i rarely even have a drink in front of them. I wonder if thats setting them up to fit in the same mould as me????


tracie said...

I feel the same way.. I am not sure how to get out of this rut. I have decided to spend more time going places. But then have to rush home to meet the bus or cook dinner etc. I think it is the winter blahs coming on for me. Maybe a work out would help me. It couldn't hurt..LOL>.

busyaussiemom said...

I can totally relate to this as well, so I enrolled in TAFE for the Library and Information Services 3. I've always wanted to have a library in my house or live in one, I guess this is the next best thing....HA
Hope you find your excitment love!