Why does it need to be a struggle??

To lose weight? A couple of months ago I had had it and was determined to lose weight, well ummm yeah that worked for about 3 weeks, and then I fell off the wagon and in to a pile of chocolate cake so to speak!! I was hoping to have lost quite a bit of weight before my 30th birthday at the end of the year. Well there aint no way in hell thats going to happen now, bugger it all. I mean its not like I've ever been a bloody supermodel but I am currently at my heaviest weight I have ever been, and its really quite depressing, the only thing that isnt growing and I want to grow is my boobs!! They are still the little lumps they have always been, but now they just have this roly poly body surrounding them, they look like little life jackets bobbing along the water!!!
I think my body hears the word DIET and starts screaming internally, oh my god dont take away the chocolate, the food, somebody save me....... More importantly if I'm going to be really good I need to stay away from the wine and champagne every weekend!! Oh I can see it now this is going to be awful.. Maybe if I become a hermit and dont socialise I will be ok?
So instead of saying I am going on a diet, I think I will just make a concious effort to start eating healthy, the thing that is going to be in my favour is that the warmer weather is here which means salads and fresh fruit, both of which I love!! So I will keep you updated as to how my quest goes LOL!!! I want to aim for 6 kilos before Christmas, fingers crossed I can do it!!!
Now where's the damn bottle of Bella champagne????????? LOL

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busyaussiemom said...

Wow I'm really enjoying your blog! I didn't realize someone else blogged too about these kind of things!

I can really relate, I'm trying to put down the chocolate, cakes, pies and lollies. And trying to pick up the fruits and veggies more.

I've been eating 80% Weight Watcher Meals in the last 5 weeks. I have to say that they are helpful but I'm looking to go more toward the fresh foods this coming week.