I've been tagged!

Looks like I've been tagged
So here are 30 Random facts about me!
1.I have been married for 8 years this February! Been with him for 13 and he still gives me butterflies when he kisses me.
2.I am addicted to Salt & Vinegar Chips and Diet Coke
3.I do not consider chocolate to be indulgent it really is part of the food pyramid!
4.My favourite colour is Pink
5.I have a fear of heights and small spaces
6.I DO NOT like to be dominated!
7.I would love to do a photography course
8.I make and sell wedding invitations and birthday invitations
9.I dont like my sister's fiancee..shhhhh thats a secret!
10.I have a lot of accquantances but only truly one friend who I have Share everything with.I adore her
11. I really am grateful for my friends IRL and on the net
12. I love Bella Champagne (its pink!) and Scotch & Dry
13.I'm trying to give up smoking.....again
14.I'm really anal about my housework and where things should be...Think sleeping with the enemy :0
15.Betty Boop is my favourite character because she is so cheeky and a little bit flirty!
16.One of my best friends gassed himself...and I feel a little bit like I contributed to that and I live with it everyday
17.Most of my IRL friends think I am a prude!!! bwahahahaha
18.I have 4 tattoos and want more!
19.When I was little I wanted to be a child care worker
20.I would love 4 kids
21.Buying a house means nothing to me, I dont care about material things
22.I think about things to much and overanalyse a lot
23.I have nothing to do with my real father
24.I love to long as it harmless!
25.I always second guess myself as a mother
26.I am spoilt by my DH
27. I have never been on an suppose to in October but we will see!
28. I have a side to me that my IRL friends dont know about ;)
29.I have learnt that you are never given anything in life you have to either work for it or earn it
30. I have A LOT of wicked secrets!!

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